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Alaska Horse Racing Betting Guide

Alaska Horse Betting Offers

Here's your guide to Alaska's horse racing betting offers and legal websites.

Alaska is a frontier state, but its tough restrictions on gambling, including a statewide ban on horse racing, would be a good fit in the Bible Belt. 

Alaska allows casinos only on Native American reservations. Some of the 10 casinos operating in the state have slot-machine-type gambling but others only offer pull tabs. 

It also is one of just a handful of states without a lottery, though it allows bingo and social gambling.

Sled Dog Race Betting

The main exceptions to the blanket rejection of gambling are contests and games closely associated with the environment and culture of Alaska, such as “dog musher” races.

Alaska’s most famous sled dog race, the Iditarod, offered a form of betting in 2022. The ”trifecta” wager, available to anyone 18 and older, cost $10 to enter and required a player to pick the winning musher, the final time of the multi-day race, and how many dogs they’ll finish with. 

Afterward, the contest awarded 40 percent of the pool to the winner, with the remainder going to purses and the cost of putting on the race.

Fun fact about gambling in Alaska

Additionally, some of the other contests you can wager on in Alaska include the Canned Salmon Classic, the Goose Classic, the King Salmon Classic, the Rain Classic, and the Snow Machine Classic, according to

Horse Race Tracks in Alaska

Nor are there any live racing venues in the state.


Is online horse betting legal in Alaska?

Horse racing betting, casinos, and online gambling are prohibited under current Alaska gambling laws.

Are there horse racing tracks in Alaska?

Alaska does not have any horse racing tracks. Off-track betting locations (OTBs) are also not allowed. The locals are deprived of such entertainment.

Can I bet on the Kentucky Derby in Alaska?

No, you don’t. All horse racing betting is prohibited in Alaska including live simulcast races.