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Betr: peer to peer social betting app

Betr betting app

Jake Paul named president of micro-betting company Betr amid $50 million investment

Social media celebrity Jake Paul has partnered with Simplbet co-founder Joey Levy to launch Betr, a new micro-betting company

Paul, 25, and Levy have combined to raise $50 million in start-up funds for the project, which will ‘allow customers to bet on smaller aspects of a game’.

This includes more in-detail stats pitches and at-bats if a bettor is wagering on baseball, or plays and drives if their preference is American football fixtures.

“I wasn’t into sports betting until I was introduced to micro-betting. Micro-betting is the TikTok-ification of sports betting and I am excited to bring it to the masses through Betr,” said new president Paul. “We are in this for the long haul and are focused on doing things the right way… We want to be the category defining consumer company in both sports betting and sports media by the end of the decade and are confident we will achieve that goal.”

A Betr app is expected to launch ‘in the coming weeks’ and will at least initially be free to join.

How does Betr work?

  • Register a BETRWallet then buy BETR and send to your wallet address
  • Go to BETR.Bet or download the Android app for the best odds
  • Bet or lay pre-game and in-play on multiple markets
  • Now bet using ETH and BETR – more currencies coming soon

How to lay bets at Betr app?

You can lay a bet using BETR’s unique peer-to-peer technology using Layer UI provided by BETR.

What tokens used to place a bet at Betr?

The BETR nodes use Ethereum smart contracts to store the layed bets to Ethereum blockchain. The contracts will contain the information of the bet offer including layers’ liability data and the bet settlement information.

What is the BBN?

The BBN is a downloadable application which is installed on the user’s device and incorporates an Ethereum wallet.

Does Betr Offer a Sign up Bonus or a Promo Code?

At the moment Betr app does not offer new customers a promo code deal. We will update if Betr sports betting platform starts offering a free bet bonus or other promos to their players.

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