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NHL Betting 2024: Today’s Promos, Picks and Expert Strategies

Here is our NHL Betting Promos Guide for 2024: Free Picks, Best Bonuses, and Expert Strategies. Bet tonight with today’s best sportsbook offers.

There’s no denying that people who bet on the NHL are a passionate, devoted and fervent bunch. There just aren’t as many of them as there are wagering on their favorite sport as there are devotees to the NFL, NBA, and MLB. 

Among the estimated $50-$80 million wagered annually on sports in the USA, hockey ranks a distant fourth among the four major-league pro sports. Football is king, basketball is second and even the handle on a typical MLB game is about five times greater than what’s bet on an NHL game. 

NHL Betting Promos

Sportsbooks will offer daily odds boosts on specific NHL games. There will also be regular NHL-related promotions, especially during popular times like during the NHL playoffs. Sign up today and place NHL bets with our promo codes.

SportsbookNHL Betting Promo
BetMGMWelcome offer: Bet $5, receive $158 in bonus bets, code: USDOTBET
Bet365Sign-up offer: Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets, promo code: USB365
CaesarsFirst cash bet loss refund: Up to $500 in bonus bets
BetRiversSecond-chance bet: Up to $250 in value
DraftKingsWelcome bonus: Bet $5, get $200 in bonus bets

Here are some current NHL betting promos you can access:

BetMGM: At the moment, new players at BetMGM sportsbook can access a welcome offer of bet $5 and receive $158 in bonus bets for NHL games. Get app, use bonus code USDOTBET;

Bet365: Newcomers at Bet 365 online can also access a bet and get sign up offer. Bet $5 and get $150 in free bonus bets;

Caesars: Currently, Caesars Sportsbook is welcoming new players with a offer that should your first cash bet lose, they will refund it in the form of bonus bets up to a maximum of $500;

BetRivers: They are offering newcomers a second-chance bet of up to $250 in value with the BetRivers promo code USBTRV;

DraftKings: With the DraftKings welcome bonus, all you need to do is bet $5 and you’ll be eligible for $200 in bonus bets.

These NHL bets promotions and bonuses offer a variety of ways for new players to get more out of their initial NHL bets, from welcome bonuses to second-chance bets and loss refunds.

    Bet365 Sportsbook Offers: $2,000 second chance bet or bet $5 get $150
    4.8 rating based on 1 rating
    Bet365 Sportsbook, available in 7 US states is renowned for its competitive odds, bonuses and exceptional live betting features.
    BetMGM Sportsbook Bonus: bet $5 get $158
    5.0 rating based on 1 rating
    BetMGM online sportsbook excels in offering a comprehensive live betting odds, complete with real-time updates and a wide array of fast banking options.
    BetRivers Sportsbook Bonus: Claim a 2d chance bet of up to $500
    5.0 rating based on 1 rating
    BetRivers Sportsbook distinguishes itself with “House Specials” (their version of odds boosts), ongoing promotions, and a loyalty program known as iRush Rewards.
    Borgata Sportsbook Bonus: Bet $20 Get $100 free bets
    5.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Borgata Sportsbook is best for NFL bets and niche sports betting opportunities.

Types Of NHL Bets

Standard moneyline bets are offered on the NHL. Favorites are indicated with a minus number and underdogs with a positive number. There are also totals in which you bet on whether the teams will combine to score over or under the total goals set for a game.

The puck line is a twist on the football point spread. Teams are generally either set at -1.5 or +1.5 goals. Underdogs get the +1.5 goals, so if you bet that team, it’s like starting the game with a 1.5-0 lead. The team you bet would need to lose by at least two goals for your bet not to cover.

Other popular hockey bets include:

Futures: Wager on which team you think will win the Stanley Cup, or which player you like for an individual award like the Hart or Vezina Trophies;

Props: Player goals, points, even shots are assigned a total. You bet the over or under;

Grand Salami: With this wager, you combine the total goals for all of that night’s game and bet whether the number will go over or remain under;

Live Betting: Bet on events taking place in game, such as which team will score the next goal.

Mastering NHL Bets: Your Guide to Navigating the Ice with Expert Betting Tips and Promos

What are NHL moneyline bets?

Moneyline bets involve picking the team you think will win the game outright. For example, if the New York Rangers (-150) are playing the Philadelphia Flyers (+130), a bet on the Rangers means you would need to wager $150 to win $100, showing they are the favorites. Conversely, a bet on the Flyers means a $100 bet would win you $130, indicating they are the underdogs.

How does the puck line work in NHL betting?

The puck line adds a goal spread to the game. For instance, if the Colorado Avalanche are playing against the Vegas Golden Knights with a puck line of -1.5 for the Avalanche, they need to win by 2 goals for a bet on them to payout. If the final score is Avalanche 4, Golden Knights 2, bets on the Avalanche -1.5 would win.

What are NHL totals bets?

Totals bets involve betting on the combined score of both teams. For example, if the total for a game between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens is set at 5.5, betting the over means you believe the teams will score 6 or more goals combined. A real-life example could be a game that ends 4-3, totaling 7 goals, thus the over wins.

Can I place live bets during NHL games?

Live betting allows you to bet on games as they’re happening. For instance, if the Toronto Maple Leafs are trailing the Detroit Red Wings by one goal in the third period, you might bet on the Maple Leafs to score the next goal based on the game’s momentum.

What are NHL futures bets?

Futures bets involve outcomes decided later, such as which team will win the Stanley Cup. For example, before the 2020-2021 season, the Tampa Bay Lightning might have been listed at +650 to win the Stanley Cup. Those who bet on them before the season would have won their bet when Tampa Bay clinched the championship.

How do NHL betting promos work?

Betting promos can offer enhanced odds or risk-free bets. For instance, a sportsbook might offer new customers a risk-free bet up to $500 for their first NHL bet. If someone placed a risk-free bet on an underdog like the Ottawa Senators against the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Senators won, the bettor would win a larger payout. If the bet lost, the sportsbook would refund it up to the $500 limit.

What is the Grand Salami bet in NHL?

The Grand Salami involves betting on the total goals scored across all games on a particular day. If there are 10 games on a given night and the Grand Salami total is set at 56.5, betting the over means you believe there will be 57 or more goals scored in total across those games.

Are there any special bets for the NHL playoffs?

During the NHL playoffs, sportsbooks might offer series outcome bets. For example, betting on the Washington Capitals to win their playoff series against the Florida Panthers in 6 games. If the Capitals clinch the series 4-2, that specific bet would win.

How can I access NHL betting promos?

To access betting promos, you typically need to sign up for a sportsbook account and opt into the promotion. For example, DraftKings might offer a sign-up bonus where if you bet $5 on any NHL game, you receive $200 in bonus bets, provided you meet the terms and conditions.

What should I consider before placing an NHL bet?

Consider factors like team form, head-to-head records, injuries, and goaltender performance. For instance, if the Edmonton Oilers are on a winning streak and their star player Connor McDavid is in top form, they might be a good bet against a struggling team. However, if their starting goalie is injured, this could affect the outcome and should be considered before betting.

NHL Best Bets and Picks

Top Sources for Expert NHL Betting Picks and Analysis

For those looking to dive into NHL betting, finding reliable sources for picks and analysis is crucial. Here’s a list of reputable sites offering expert advice and analysis for NHL betting:

  1. Pickswise NHL Betting. Offers free, expert NHL betting advice from experienced hockey handicappers for every game of the season.
  2. CBS Sports NHL Hockey Expert Picks. Provides daily picks against the spread and over/under for each game throughout the season from their resident picks guru.
  3. Covers.com – Free NHL Picks & Predictions. Features today’s free NHL expert moneyline picks against the spread for smarter betting decisions.
  4. r/NHLbetting on Reddit. A vibrant subreddit for discussing NHL betting, sharing betting picks, and community insights. Note the community rules before posting.
  5. Free NHL Picks Today: NHL Computer Picks.

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