Georgia Online Horse Betting

Find out what the legal position on horse betting in Georgia is now. Discover why wagering in Georgia is prohibited and where top races in this state are.

Georgia online horse betting is illegal, and you can’t gamble on-course or at off-track betting facilities (OTBs) either.

Wagering in Georgia on the horses is against state law. That means you can’t place bets online, on-track, or other land-based locales. Despite horse betting in Georgia being illegal, the Peach State still has organized events for this sport at Kingston Downs and Hawkinsville for thoroughbred steeplechasers and standardbred harness horses. You can’t place parimutuel and fixed-odds wagers, or take advantage of offers and bonuses either, but the tax you pay is under review.

Horse Betting Sites in Georgia

As Georgia online horse betting isn’t legalized, there are no dedicated platforms either over the internet or on mobile you can use. That means operators who are licensed in other US states steer clear of this one for the time being. However, should the situation change, and horse racing wagering in Georgia become legal, then they will be sure to have a presence in the Peach State in the future. 

Best Horse Betting Apps in Georgia

There are no licensed Georgia horse racing betting apps available to you. This is because state laws say any form of gambling on this sport is illegal. There are some Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) apps operating here, but these do not have open platforms for horse betting in Georgia that you can use. Unless the state moves to legalize gambling, top horse racing apps won’t have a presence here. 

Top Three Bonus Offers in Georgia

With no Georgia online horse betting being legal, you can’t take advantage of bonuses, offers, and promos available over the internet. Major operators that offer horse racing wagers steer clear of the Peach State anyway, so sadly you’re missing out on some great sign-up deals.

Georgia Horse Racetracks

There are no racecourses where horse betting in Georgia is allowed on-track. This is because the Peach State hasn’t legalized gambling of any kind yet. The only major venue for this sport in Georgia is Kingston Downs in Rome, 95km northwest of Atlanta.

The Hawkinsville Harness Festival takes place in the south of this state during April. This is the culmination of six months of training for this two-day harness racing event in Pulaski County.

Local and Major Horse Betting Events in Georgia

While Georgia online horse betting is illegal, there are still some important local races and events which you can attend during the year. No on-track or OTB facilities are provided at these meets because of the state’s position on gambling.

Although wagering in Georgia on horses isn’t allowed, The Hunt Club at Kingston Downs in Rome organizes some of the important steeplechase races in the Deep South. These include the Atlanta Steeplechase and Georgia Steeplechase held in the spring and fall, respectively. There are also a couple of Hunter Pace meets at this venue for hunter chasers. 

Types of Horse Racing Bets in Georgia

Even parimutuel wagering in Georgia on horse racing is illegal, so you cannot place bets of any kind on this sport. Many other states offer this type of pool betting including neighbors Florida, but not the Peach State. The same goes for fixed-odds online horse betting in Georgia. Until state laws change, and that may happen, you just cannot place bets on the horses here. 


Online horse betting in Georgia is currently illegal. This is because state authorities have not yet moved to regulate the gambling industry either over the internet or offline.

Can You Online Bet in Georgia?

No, you cannot bet online in this state right now. Georgia online horse betting, plus general sports wagering and casino gaming are all against the law.

How Do You Gamble in Georgia?

At the moment, the only form of legal wagering in Georgia allowed is playing the lottery. Other types of gambling, including horse racing, remain illegal.

Do I have to pay tax on betting winnings in Georgia?

As wagering in Georgia on horses is illegal, the state cannot impose taxes on you. However, federal law clearly states that all profits from gambling must be declared for income tax. There are proposals being considered by state authorities for what the rate of tax should be.