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Georgia Horse Racing Betting Guide

Georgia Horse Betting Offers

Georgia Horse Racing Betting Overview

Georgia has some of the strictest anti-gambling laws in the nation, including a ban on horse and dog racing.

The Peach State also expressly prohibits casino gaming, as well as election wagering, commercial gambling, and betting on dog fights. 

The state does have a lottery, with most of the proceeds going to benefit education, and allows fantasy sports wagering. 

Proponents of gambling have made numerous attempts in recent years to reverse the prohibition on parimutuel wagering to build up to three new horse racing tracks in the state, but have fallen short each time.

In addition to having to overcome objections from the state’s strong conservative and religious base, supporters will need to place any bill that makes it through the Legislature on the state ballot because the state Constitution specifically bars betting on horse racing. 

Repealing the ban requires the passage of an amendment to the Constitution, which would need to be approved by two-thirds of the state’s legislators before going to the voters, where a majority decision would prevail.

Legislators also are expected to introduce legislation in 2022 to approve sports betting in the state. That would not need to go before the voters because the state Constitution does not address sports betting.

In the absence of laws allowing Georgians to wager on horse races, no providers of online betting known as advance-deposit wagering (ADW) accept customers from the state.

Fun fact about gambling in Georgia

In addition to the aforementioned forms of gambling, state law also bars “chain letters” and “pyramid clubs.”

Horse Race Tracks in Georgia

Nor are there any live racing venues in the state.


Is online horse betting legal in Georgia?

Horse racing betting, casinos, and online gambling are prohibited under current Georgia gambling laws.

Are there horse racing tracks in Georgia?

Georgia does not have any horse racing tracks. Off-track betting locations (OTBs) are also not allowed. 

Can I bet on the Kentucky Derby in Georgia?

No, all horse racing betting is prohibited in Georgia including live simulcast races.