How to use a parley token at betMGM

How BetMGM Parlay Tokens Work?

Parlays have long been popular plays at online sports betting sites. To the casual player who can’t risk a large sum of money on a straight bet, they present an opportunity to gain a massive payout from a small stipend. 

At BetMGM, they take that dream of the big score and pump it up to an even greater possibility of gain. By utilizing Bet MGM parlay tokens, a bettor on the BetMGM Sportsbook app can amplify their winnings to an even greater margin.

What Is A Parlay?

Parlays are often referred to in the sports betting vernacular as exotic bets. In essence, what they do is take multiple potential outcomes and turn them into one bet with significantly higher odds, and of course, since you require a number of things to happen, a much slimmer chance of cashing in as a winner.

Here’s an example of a parlay play on the NBA. Suppose you package three moneyline wagers – the Minnesota Timberwolves at +475 to beat the Brooklyn Nets, the New Orleans Pelicans at +145 to beat the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat at -175 to defeat the New York Knicks. This parlay would offer combined odds of +2114. On a $10 wager, the payout for a win on this parlay would be $221.40.

One of the newest and most popular plays at online sports betting apps is a same-game parlay. In this instance, you’re packaging multiple outcomes to come through on the same event. For example, you could assemble this same-game parlay on an NHL game between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs – Canadiens (+155) to win, over 5.5 goals (-182) in the total and Leafs star Auston Matthews to score an anytime goal (-135). Again, betting $10, this same-game parlay would offer a return of $67.50.

Types Of BetMGM Parlay Boosts

BetMGM parlays boosts, as the name suggests, increase the potential win on any parlay play. For instance, they are currently offering a 50% parlay boost on NBA games. So on the above NBA parlay play, by factoring in the BetMGM 50% parlay boost, your payout on a win on a $10 wager jumps up to $332.10. 

These parlay boosts can be randomly added to your BetMGM account just for being a loyal customer. They will also be offered as promotions, so watch for the parlay boost token offers during the NFL, NHL and MLB seasons as well.

How do you know if you have access to a BetMGM parlay boost token? It’s simple to figure out. If there’s a green header atop your BetMGM sportsbook page, the boost is available. To use the BetMGM parlay boost token, make your parlay or same-game parlay selections and then click on betslip at the bottom of the page. Next, click on apply reward, select parlay boost token and finally, choose place bet. 

Opening A BetMGM Sportsbook Account

Of course, none of this will be possible if you don’t already have an active BetMGM Sportsbook account. If you’re looking to open a BetMGM account, click on the gold register icon in the top right-hand corner on their home page, either through the Bet MGM desktop site, or the BetMGM mobile app. Then follow the easy to understand steps to complete the signup process. And don’t forget to access the BetMGM welcome offer. It’s a bet and get of bet $5 and get $150 in bonus bets. Be sure to enter the BetMGM promo code of USDOTBET when prompted to ensure this bonus is delivered to your BetMGM account.

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