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Thursday Night Football Betting Guide

Since NFL Thursday Night Football Betting is the launch of each week’s slate of NFC games, it always draws plenty of extra promos from the top online sports betting sites. Available promotional offers can include odds boosts, parlay profit boosts, parlay insurance, even early cash out options. Get free bets for TNF online betting tonight in AZ, CO, DC, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MI, MS, NV, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY, OH (2023).

Thursday Night Football Betting Promos

Knowing the popularity of TNF games with bettors, the top betting houses will also deliver some impressive promotional action in order to convince new customers to give their site a try. These can range from sizable risk-free first bet offers to ridiculous odds on almost certain to win first bets. For example, there could be 200-1 odds on a $5 or $10 bet that the team you bet scores a touchdown during the game.

As well, betting sites will also take advantage of the popularity of the home team to draw new players to their sites. For instance, in New York, betting sites will juice the action on the odds of a local team should the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants or New York Jets be playing on TNF.

Free Bets and Promotional Offers for Thursday Night Football games


    Best TNF Betting Sites

    Each of the top online betting sites will offer extensive betting markets on Thursday Night Football. Apps such as Unibet, Caesars, Wynn BET, DraftKings and BetMGM will all provide numerous TNF-specific betting opportunities. As a football bettor, your best bet for TNF football online betting is to sign up with multiple online sportsbook sites to enable the opportunity to take advantage of various betting boosts provided in connection to the weekly TNF game. Collect free bets and use cash to make a profit tonight.

    What is NFL’s Thursday Night Football and Basic Rules Of TNF

    The NFL’s Thursday Night Football games began on Nov. 23, 2006. Today, they launch each season during Week 2 of regular-season play. Prior to that, the league had experimented with occasional Thursday night games on ABC and ESPN. Of course, the annual Thanksgiving Thursday games in Detroit and Dallas had proven popular for decades.

    The NFL avoids playing games on Friday and Saturday nights until mid-December so as not to conflict with the high school and college football seasons. The debut of TNF was a hit and a perfect fit because it provided a unique launch to each week’s slate of games and another chance for two NFL teams to take over the national spotlight.

    The birth of TNF added another twist to NFL betting. Suddenly, teams were dealing with significantly short weeks to prepare for a game. This tended to favor the better teams and also gave the home team a significant advantage, since they weren’t traveling to the game.

    Here is out complete guide on how to bet on NFL.

    How To Bet Thursday Night Football

    Moneyline, point spread and total wagering are the most popular forms of TNF wagering. A moneyline is assigned to each team, based on a $100 wager. So it could be the Minnesota Vikings (+195) at the Philadelphia Eagles (-145). This means the Vikings are the underdogs and a $100 bet on them would lead to a profit of $195 should Minnesota win the game. The -145 on the favored Eagles means a bettor would need to wager $145 on Philly to realize a $100 profit. Best odds and daily odds boosts on TNF games at Pointsbet, bet365 and WynnBet sportsbook apps.

    Point spreads are used to handicap TNF games. If the same Eagles-Vikings game was Philadelphia -3, it means the Eagles are 3-point favorites. For a bet on Philly to cover, they’d need to win by four or more points. The Vikings would provide a winning wager by being victorious in the game, or for losing by a margin of less than three points.

    The total is based on the score of the game. It’s also called the over/under. Suppose the total on the Eagles-Vikings game was 47.5 points. You would bet on the two teams combining to go over or under that total.

    Same game parlays are another Thursday Night Football betting option. This allows bettors to combine multiple bets on the same game into one wager. It can provide a lucrative return on a minimal investment but all legs must come in for the bet to pay off. Best offers by: Caesars, BetMGM sportsbooks.

    TNF Prop Bets

    Prop bets are wagers on outcomes taking place during a TNF game. Some of them are team related. It could be a wager on which team will score first. Others are player related. Perhaps it’s a bet on the over/under of a particular player’s rushing yardage total for the game. 

    How To Watch TNF

    NFL’s Thursday Night Football

    There are big changes afoot in terms of the viewing rights for TNF during the 2022 NFL regular season. While the Week 1 matchup between the reigning Super Bowl champions Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills is being billed as the NFL Kickoff and will be broadcast by NBC, after that, every TNF game for the remainder of the season is going to be streamed via Amazon Prime. Here you can also follow Monday Night Football games.

    Al Michaels will be providing the play-by-play call on these games, with Kirk Herbstreit and Tony Gonzalez contributing analysis. Amazon Prime signed an 11-year contract with the NFL and will be the only service permitted to provide streaming of TNF during the length of the deal. 

    Where To Find TNF Picks and Predictions?

    Whichever one of the leading betting sites you prefer to do business with, it’s a certainty that they will all offer their weekly TNF predictions and picks. The betting odds will usually be available as soon as the previous week’s TNF game reaches a conclusion. The Indianapolis Colts (.738) own the best Thursday winning percentage among current NFL teams