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Virginia Won’t Be Legalizing College Sports Betting

A state Senate Committee recently rejected a Bill that would have made it legal to bet on college sports in the state of Virginia involving in-state schools. So if you live in Virginia and want to wager on a Virginia Cavaliers basketball game or a Virginia Tech football game, you’re still out of luck. 

Virginia’s Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee voted 14-0 to continue the bill to next year. This means that while the measure is done for 2024, it can be revisited in the future.

Virginia legalized sports betting in the state in 2020. Here you can see all legal in Virgina sports betting sites. However, there were conditions placed upon college sports during the legalization process.

Currently, Virginia state gaming regulations bans wagering on NCAA athletes and in-state teams for all sportsbooks operating in the state. While you can bet on other college teams outside of the state, online sports betting sites in Virginia can’t offer specific bets on games involving in-state schools. Player performance wagers, such as all-star awards and the Heisman Trophy, are also prohibited in Virginia.

Those in the state senate who voted against the bill felt that the legalization of college sports betting on games involving schools in the state could potentially place undue outside pressures on the athletes from gambling forces. However, Sen. Schuyler Van Valkenburg, sponsor of Senate Bill 124, argued that the possibility of those issues are already in existence, since games involving Virginia schools can be legally wagered on in other US states.

“Virginia folks are already gambling on sports,” VanValkenburg told “They’re doing it illegally. They’re doing it through friends in other states. They’re going to other states themselves.”

Van Valkenburg believes that the Commonwealth of Virginia would be better off if in-state college sports betting was legalized, so that it would be easier to monitor. He’s also of the belief that with the development of the NIL program enabling players to profit off their likeness and image, college athletes are making good money and are going to be much less susceptible to any bribe proposal that could involve throwing a game or shaving points.

Several States Follow Virginia’s Lead

While a number of states, notably New Jersey and New York, follow Virginia’s example of not permitting wagering on in-state schools, several states already are offering college sports betting without parameters. They include Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Wyoming.

North Carolina intends to be offering wagering on in-state college sports teams when the state launches legal and regulated sports betting in March of 2024.

Virginia College Sports Betting FAQ

What types of college sports betting was Virginia seeking to legalize?

A Senate committee in the General Assembly of the Commonwealth Virginia rejected a proposal that would have permitted sports bettors in the state to wager upon college sporting events that involve schools situated within the state of Virginia. 

What can you currently wager on in terms of college sports in the state of Virginia?

Wagering on college sports in Virginia is permitted so long as the bets don’t involve events including in-state schools, or athletes from in-state schools. So, for instance, you could wager on a college football game between Michigan and Iowa.

Are there states that offer unlimited college sports betting?

Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Wyoming all allow unfettered college sports betting.

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