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Hawaii Horse Racing Betting Guide

Hawaii Horse Betting Offers

Here's an overview of horse racing betting in Hawaii

The situation in Hawaii when it comes to betting on horse races or any other form of gambling is crystal clear: You can’t legally do it.

The Aloha State vies with Utah as far as having the strictest prohibitions on gambling.

Hawaii law makes it a crime to offer any game of chance and conviction can result in jail time.

Lawmakers on the island state introduced bills in 2021 to create a state lottery, allow live poker rooms and authorize the building of a single casino, which conceivably could lead to approval of parimutuel wagering on horses, but all died in committee. It is expected that proponents will try again in 2022.

In the meantime, no legal providers of online betting on horse races, known as advance-deposit wagering, will accept Hawaiians as customers. 

Fun fact about horse racing in Hawaii

Hawaiians were able to gamble on horse racing when the island was still a kingdom, but that ended soon after it gained statehood in 1959.

Horse Race Tracks in Hawaii

Nor are there any live racing venues in the state.


Is online horse betting legal in Hawaii?

Horse racing betting, casinos, and online gambling are prohibited under current Alaska gambling laws.

Are there horse racing tracks in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not have any horse racing tracks. Off-track betting locations (OTBs) are also not allowed. 

Can I bet on horses while on vacation in Hawaii?

All horse racing betting is strictly prohibited in the state of Hawaii including live simulcast races.