Hawaii Sportsbooks

This a thorough guide to all the information you need to know about Hawaii online betting, discussing the legality of gambling within the Aloha state.

Online betting is prohibited in Hawaii. The Aloha State has strict regulations against all forms of gambling, which is not just limited to online betting.

Lawmakers have banned gambling throughout the region, even at land-based venues. There are no casinos present in the state, while horse racing betting is also off the agenda, along with daily fantasy sites.

Hawaii online betting seems a long way off considering the views of their lawmakers regarding the issue. Although other regions in the United States have softened their stance, Hawaii seems far from even considering legalizing any form of gambling.

Betting in Hawaii

Since gambling is not legally allowed in Hawaii, there are no betting platforms accessible to residents in the state. This includes both sports betting websites and casino operators. Despite the relaxation of regulations in other parts of the United States, there is no activity in the Aloha State.

Furthermore, Hawaii’s lawmakers have taken significant steps to prevent daily fantasy websites from operating within their borders. While daily fantasy sites often operate without regulations in other areas, Hawaii’s legislators have amended laws to prohibit their presence. Given this resistance to online gambling in Hawaii, it may take a considerable amount of time for betting platforms to become active in the state.

Sportsbook Regulation in Hawaii

Legal Hawaii sports betting has long been as unlikely as seeing snowfall on the beaches of Honolulu. However, a massive hit to tourism due to COVID-19 has led lawmakers to re-evaluate.

Hawaii is one of just two US states that doesn’t have casinos, sports betting, or even a lottery. But the introduction of HB 736 in 2021 opened the door just a little to regulated sports betting.

A further bill–HB 1815–passed a first reading in early 2022. The law would create an online sports wagering corporation to regulate the industry on the Pacific island.

Under the new law, only one legal online sportsbook would go live. A separate bill–HB 1820–would allow for one new casino to open. The plans are tiny compared to other states, and a prohibitive 55% tax on revenue may kill any proposals before they have begun.

Best Apps in Hawaii

Due to the prohibition of betting in Hawaii, no betting apps are available in the state. Mobile betting is restricted in most parts of the United States, with only a few exceptions. Given Hawaii’s strict stance against gambling in any form, the prospect of mobile betting becoming available in the Aloha State in the near future is uncertain at best. Hawaii’s bettors will need to wait for potential regulatory changes to occur.

Retail Sportsbooks in Hawaii

Physical sportsbooks are forbidden when wagering in Hawaii. As lawmakers in the Aloha State have produced stringent legislature against all forms of gambling, Hawaii residents are not even able to visit a sportsbook or a land-based casino to place a wager on sports events or slot, card, and table-based games. There have been calls to ease these regulations regarding brick-and-mortar venues, but it may take time for the legislation to be relaxed.

Professional Teams in Hawaii

There are no professional sports teams in Hawaii. The Aloha State hosted the NFL Pro Bowl for a number of years before the game was moved around the United States. The state is represented by the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors in the NCAA, in football, and other sports.

Hawaii Betting FAQs

No. It is not legal to take part in wagering in Hawaii, and there are no means of doing so as sportsbooks are not present in the state.

Can you play daily fantasy games in Hawaii?

No. Hawaii has stringent laws against all forms of gambling, including daily fantasy games after adding legislation to ban the game.

What is the Minimum Betting Age in Hawaii?

If sports betting were legal in Hawaii, the minimum age for participants would be 18 years old to place bets in a casino or sportsbook. However, since sports betting is prohibited in the state, the minimum betting age in Hawaii is not applicable.

Is There a Betting Tax in Hawaii?

Because betting is banned throughout Hawaii, there are no betting taxes to be paid in the state. Hawaii residents do not have access to a lottery, so there are no federal taxes on lottery winnings, which can be as high as 24%.