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Kansas sports betting legalization has just ‘one step to go’ as Chiefs braced for new NFL season

Legal sports betting is on the verge of arriving in Kansas as the state has just ‘one step to go’ before the change is made official.

That news is timely given the state’s much-loved Kansas City Chiefs prepare for another much-anticipated NFL season, where they’re rated as third favorite to win the Super Bowl.

Kansas will first incorporate sports betting via mobile and state-operated casinos, with only a few more checks over certain amendments required before the bill is officially signed into state law.

“We had drafts for sports wagering regulations that went before our commission,” said Todd Allen, who serves as Director of Wagering for the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. “Our commission passed those with a few amendments and we are working on getting those amendments incorporated into the regulations right now and this week we will send those off to the attorney general’s office.”