Horse Betting Sites&Bonuses in Kansas

We provide a thorough breakdown of Kansas online horse betting giving you all the information you need to know about gambling, including wagering bonuses.

Online betting on horse racing is legal within Kansas.

Although the state have restrictions against online sports betting, there are no such restrictions against horse racing betting. Therefore, residents can indulge in Kansas online horse betting, with a number of top providers operational in the region.

However, there are no racetracks in the region, so Kansas online racing sites, along with off-track betting parlors, are the only way to place a wager within the region. You must be aged 18-years-old or over legally wager on horse racing in the state, whether that be online or at a live venue.

Horse Betting Sites in Kansas

Online horse betting in Kansas can be found at the following providers:

  • AmWager – Offer an outstanding service as one of the leaders in the horse racing betting industry.
  • TwinSpires – Competitive prices are one of a number of first-rate attributes offered by the site. Their markets provide coverage of racing across the world.
  • DRFBets – Provide a great product for their customers, featuring a wide range of horse racing markets and top prices.

Best Horse Betting Apps in Kansas

There are excellent betting apps available for Kansas online horse betting.

  • AmWager – Provides an outstanding app in terms of functionality, making navigation and betting an easy process. Available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • TwinSpires – Offers a quality product for their customers that provides ease of use. Available for iOS and Android users.
  • DRF Bets – Their app has a solid interface that makes betting simple. Downloadable on both iOS and Android devices.

Top Three Bonuses/Offers in Kansas

Bettors have access to offers from the Kansas horse racing sites.

  • AmWager – After making an initial deposit they provide a welcome bonus up to $xxx.
  • TwinSpires – You receive a bonus worth up to $XXX after signing-up.
  • DRFBets – Will double your first deposit up to $xxx after joining their service.

KY Horse Racing Tracks

There are no racetracks available for in-person wagering in Kansas. The only sites available to bet in-person are at off-track betting parlors around the Sunflower State.

Racetracks were removed from the region due to the lack of enthusiasm for horse racing. There are still avenues for passionate fans of the sport to watch events on television. Kansas online horse racing sites also provide potential down the road for online streaming in the future.

Local and Major Horse Betting Events in Kansas

Since there are no horse racing tracks in Kansas, there are no major races available to watch in-person in the state.

However, most Americans will have a semblance of knowledge about the Triple Crown and its importance in the racing calendar. The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes are the signature events in American horse racing.

Residents of the Sunflower State do not have to fear missing out given the legality of Kansas online horse betting. They are free to wager on those major events and the other leading races on the schedule, including the Breeders’ Cup Classic.

Types of Horse Racing Bets in Kansas

When wagering in Kansas you will have the opportunity to bet in a variety of ways. The win wager is simple, you bet on the horse that you believe will win the race.

The place bet is slightly different. On this occasion, you are betting on whether the horse will finish first or second in the contest. A show bet is whether the horse will place in the top three places.


Can you place a horse racing bet online in KS?

Yes. Kansas online horse betting is legal and major wagering operators are present in the region.

Are there any horse racing tracks to bet at in KS?

No. There are currently no racing tracks based in the Sunflower State, therefore, all horse betting in Kansas must be placed online or through off-site betting parlors.

For wagering in Kansas on online horse racing, you must be at least 18-years-old.

Do I have to pay tax on betting winnings in KS?

When wagering in Kansas horse racing online, you will be liable to pay tax on 10% of your winnings. You must report your winnings on your income tax. Winnings over $5,000 are subject up to 24% on federal tax.