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Find out everything that you need to know about the current state of Minnesota betting, including where to find the best bookmakers, offers, and apps.

In Minnesota, online and land-based sports betting hasn’t been legalized.

Online betting in Minnesota isn’t currently permitted by law, despite lawmakers publically stating their interest in establishing a Minnesota online betting scene.

While MN gambling does exist in the form of Native American casinos, for the most part, it’s those same establishments that are holding up the introduction of Minnesota betting. However, another bill was introduced earlier this year to attempt to finally break the North Star State into the sports betting scene.

Minnesota Online Sports Betting

Currently, Minnesota does not offer legal online sports betting. However, there have been significant efforts to change this. The latest proposal from Senator Zack Stephenson aims to grant each of Minnesota’s 11 tribes the right to operate one online sportsbook. These tribes collectively manage 19 land-based casinos.

This initiative suggests that mobile and online sports betting in Minnesota would be restricted to individuals over the age of 21, with provisions for taxation on gross gaming revenue. Additionally, the state’s racetracks would be eligible for sports betting licenses.

Potential Legalization of Sports Betting in Minnesota

Following the Democrats’ victory in the Minnesota State Legislature in the November 2022 elections, there are plans to introduce a new bill in January 2023 to legalize sports betting. State Representative Zack Stephenson plans to propose a bill that would give exclusive rights to Native American tribes to operate regulated sports betting in Minnesota. This would include both retail sports betting at tribal casinos and partnerships with private operators for mobile sports betting apps.

Stephenson, recognizing the tribes’ extensive experience and successful track record in gaming, advocates for their central role in this expansion. The tribes, through the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association (MIGA), have expressed support for legalizing sports betting both at their gaming properties and online/mobile platforms, emphasizing their suitability to lead this new market.

Under the proposed bill, the state would receive 10% of the net profits from tribal sports betting operations, which could amount to an estimated $20 million annually. This revenue would be allocated with 40% each to problem gambling solutions and youth sports programs, especially in communities with high youth crime rates, and 20% for establishing a state regulatory body for sports betting.

This proposal follows a 2022 bill passed by the House that shared similar goals but was defeated in the Senate due to concerns from Republicans, who then held legislative control. They argued for the inclusion of the state’s racetracks in the sports betting revenue scheme. Those advocating for legal sports betting in Minnesota must look to the 2024 legislative session to introduce new proposals.

Betting Sites in Minnesota

Betting sites aren’t available in Minnesota. Without legislation to permit Minnesota online betting, or a regulatory body to grant licenses, the state remains devoid of legal betting sites. Previously, a bill to authorize sports betting purely via Native American establishments couldn’t earn tribal support.

Now, there’s another bipartisan bill, Senate Bill 410, to regulate sports betting in Minnesota’s casinos, racetracks, and online. The new bill plans to allow for the taking of sports bets in tribal-state compact casinos and then online and via mobiles one year after the first license is granted to a bookmaker.

Betting Apps in Minnesota

Betting apps aren’t available in Minnesota. As is the case with online Minnesota betting, mobile betting also isn’t accessible in Minnesota. Betting apps have been one of the main sticking points for the tribes, but the new bill seeks to introduce mobile sports betting 12 months after the first bookmaker license is granted.

Top Land-based Sportsbooks in Minnesota

Betting at a retail sportsbook isn’t available in Minnesota. The primary Minnesota gambling establishments are the numerous tribal casinos, none of which offer land-based sportsbooks at this time. Betting in Minnesota could initially launch in the form of land-based sportsbooks, should Senate Bill 410 be brought into law, with the tribal casinos earmarked as the hosts betting establishments.

Professional Teams in Minnesota

Minnesota is stacked with major league sports teams. Minnesota has a representative in the five majors, with the Wild, Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, and Minnesota United FC competing at the top of US sports. There’re also the Whitecaps and the Lynx in the NWHL and WNBA in the women’s major leagues.

Minnesota Betting FAQs

Check below for some quick answers to the biggest questions about wagering in Minnesota.

Is sports betting legal in MN?

Sports betting isn’t legal in Minnesota, but lawmakers are actively working to introduce a regulatory body and introduce betting.

Will online betting be legalized in MN?

Another bill has been introduced to legalize sports betting, but even that puts a year-long gap between the first license and the launch of online betting.

Will my MN bet winnings be taxed?

The IRS considers bet winnings as taxable income, so you will need to declare your winnings and be taxed accordingly.