Missouri Horse Racing

Here you will find a guide to all the information you need to know about Missouri online horse betting, including the legality of wagering in the state.

Missouri online horse betting is not legal. The Show-Me State has strict regulations regarding online wagering, which prohibits sports and horse betting in Missouri. Parimutuel betting is legal within the borders of the region, although it is restricted to solely wagering at horse racing tracks.

The issue is there are no active racetracks in the Show-Me State. Off-track betting sites are also not present in the state, leaving no options for online betting. Lawmakers have discussed easing regulations, but no progress has been made yet. If wagering in Missouri were possible you would have to be 21 to place a bet.

Horse Betting Sites in Missouri

Since Missouri online horse betting is not legal, there are no operators present in the region. Given the lack of enthusiasm for horse betting in Missouri, there is no great hurry for lawmakers to speed up the potential process of legalizing wagering in the Show-Me State. The regulations in the region specifically state that even simulcast betting must be shown on days when there is active racing. Therefore, there are no betting opportunities available for residents.

Missouri Best Horse Betting Apps 

Missouri horse racing apps are not available due to the ban of online betting within the Show-Me State. The region has not followed in the footsteps of others in the United States to ease regulations regarding mobile wagering in Missouri. There have been discussions by lawmakers in the bid to legalize online wagering on sports and horse betting in Missouri. However, those have not come to fruition yet and may not for the near future.

Top Three Bonus Offers in Missouri

As Missouri online horse betting is not available, residents of the Show-Me State will not have access to the bonus and welcome offers that are provided by online operators. These can include significant sign-up offers worth up to $250 along with risk-free wagers.

Missouri Horse Racing Tracks 

As there are no racetracks there are no opportunities for wagering in Missouri. Horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering was legalized in 1984, but there have been no attempts to build an infrastructure that would allow the industry to progress in the Show-Me State. Both in-person wagering and Missouri online horse betting seem a long way off from becoming a possibility even with regulations being eased elsewhere in the United States.

Local and Major Horse Betting Events in Missouri

There are no major races in Missouri, even ones that are locally based are off the agenda due to the fact there are no racetracks. Horse betting in Missouri is not possible due to this fact. However, there is interest in the leading American horse races even as a spectator sport on television and the Kentucky Derby is just across the border for anyone wanting to see the race in-person. The Triple Crown is the major racing event in the USA, which contains three races spread across the season. The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes are the jewels in the crown of American racing.

Types of Horse Racing Bets in Missouri

If racetracks were operational in the region these are the types of bets that would be available.

  • Win – You simply pick the winner of the race.
  • Place/Show Bet – When you back a horse to finish in the top two or top three of the race.
  • Exacta/Trifecta – This is where you attempt to guess the correct order of the finishing horses. Either first and second or first, second and third.    


No. Missouri online horse betting is not legal. You can only place bets in person at a racetrack in the Show-Me State. There are currently no active racetracks in the region to wager.

If horse betting in Missouri were possible, you would have to be 21-years-old to place a wager.

Is in-person wagering possible in Missouri?

No. To participate in horse betting in Missouri in-person you must do so at a racetrack. Considering there are no active racetracks in the Show-Me State it is not possible.

Do I have to pay tax on betting winnings in Missouri?

Since wagering in Missouri is not possible, there are no winnings to declare on your taxes. However, there have been discussions mooted in the future once online betting is legalized that residents would have to pay up to 6.75% in tax on their gambling winnings.