Missouri Betting Sites & Offers

On this page, you’ll find everything that you need to know about the Missouri betting scene, such as if it’s legal and what state gambling tax is enforced.

Betting in Missouri remains prohibited, but that could change in 2024.

With neighboring states such as Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, and most recently, Kansas, having already legalized sports betting, it appears increasingly likely that Missouri legislators will adopt a similar approach. Residents of Missouri have the option to engage in betting activities in nearby states. Nevertheless, the anticipation is that once online betting gains legal status in Missouri, leading sportsbook operators such as BetMGM, Caesars, and DraftKings will be among the frontrunners to introduce their platforms to the state.

Horse Racing Betting in Missouri

While horse racing is technically legal in Missouri, the practical reality is that there are currently no operational racing tracks within the state. Despite the legalization of horse racing and associated betting back in 1984, prospective developers have not found the terms appealing enough to establish racing facilities. One significant hurdle is that the existing law only allows for simulcast wagering on days when live races are taking place.

Efforts have been made over the years in the state legislature to attract investors and open racetracks by amending the law. These proposed changes include allowing year-round simulcast betting and permitting casino games at racetracks. However, these efforts have met with limited success.

Furthermore, while it is theoretically legal to place bets on horse races at Missouri racetracks, it is currently not permissible to wager on races from across the country using online platforms within the state.

Missouri Daily Fantasy Sports

In Missouri, daily fantasy sports contests are fully sanctioned by state law. The enactment of the Missouri Fantasy Consumer Protection Act in 2016 introduced a regulatory framework that permits legitimate daily fantasy sports providers to operate as authorized vendors within the state. Notably, established DFS platforms like FanDuel, DraftKings, and six other DFS operators have received official approval from the Missouri government to conduct their operations in the state.

Missouri Online Sportsbook Sites Expected in 2024

If sports betting becomes legal in Missouri, established online sportsbook operators like DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and others may enter the market, as they have Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee. However, the specific online sportsbook sites available in Missouri in 2024 would depend on which companies obtain licenses and meet the state’s regulatory requirements.

  • BetMGM
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • DraftKings 
  • FanDuel Sportsbook

Retail Sportsbooks in Missouri

You can’t bet at retail bookmakers in Missouri.

Missouri has casino gaming establishments, but as betting is yet to be legalized, none of them can run a sportsbook, and neither can any other retail store. The bills proposed in 2024 are set to decide how many online sportsbooks MO casinos can run.

Betting on Professional Teams in Missouri

If sports betting becomes legal in Missouri, you would typically be able to bet on professional sports teams from the state and other regions. This could include teams from major leagues like the NFL (Kansas City Chiefs), MLB (St. Louis Cardinals), NBA (Memphis Grizzlies – although the team’s arena is in Memphis, Tennessee), and NHL (St. Louis Blues).

Keep in mind that the specific regulations and rules governing sports betting can vary by state, so it’s important to understand the legal framework in place and any restrictions or requirements that may apply when placing bets on professional teams. To get the most current and accurate information, consult the Missouri Gaming Commission or legal sources regarding sports betting in Missouri.

Missouri Betting FAQs

The short answer is no. Lawmakers have tried to legalize betting in MO for years, and their efforts continue into 2023. When the activity could become legal is unknown.

You have to be 21 years old or older to bet in Missouri. While there aren’t any legal Missouri betting choices available, the state has a standing legal age for gambling; you must be at least 21 to be in the Show-Me State.

Tax on Betting Winnings in Missouri?

You must include gambling income on your tax return.

Can I place a sports bet in MO?

In 2024, you are not permitted to participate in any sports wagering in Missouri.

Can I use betting apps in Missouri?

All forms of betting are presently outlawed in Missouri.