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MLS Soccer Star Freddy Adu on Status as a Football Manager legend

The youngest MLS soccerstar Freddy Adu was voted as the ‘Ultimate Wonderkid’ on Football Manager. In an exclusive interview he shared what does it feel like having a status as a Football Manager legend?

That’s amazing! Honestly, growing up I didn’t know what Football Manager was! We don’t play Football Manager over here (in the USA), so I didn’t know much about it until I was getting all these messages on Facebook and everywhere which started saying ‘Football Manager Legend!’, and I’m thinking ‘What is this Football Manager Legend?!’

In Europe, Football Manager is the biggest thing so I’m sitting there realising ‘Ahh, that’s why I have all of these fans in Europe and especially England’, because there were a lot of British people hitting me up talking about being a legend on Football Manager. And it happens until this day. I think it’s really cool. I don’t keep up with all of my messages on Instagram. I get thousands in there!