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Get The Best Odds Boosts Promotions

Profit boosts are becoming increasingly popular with U.S. online sportsbooks, such as BetRivers and BetMGM and bettors, along with odds boosts. They may look different from one another at first glance, but they share many common characteristics.

Bettors can convert odds increases into profit boosts and vice versa. Profit boosts increase the payouts for winning bets by a certain percentage. For example, take a $25 wager on a -110 NFL point spread. This can result in $22.73 in profit. However, For an additional 20% in profit boost, they can make a profit of $27.27.

A profit boost tends to be more flexible than an odds boost offer. The Odds boosts are usually only available for predetermined wagers, but bettors can use profit boosts on virtually any market.

Because they reduce the house edge or give players an advantage, sportsbooks often limit odds and profit increases to maximum bets and payout limits.

Most Sportsbooks Now Offer Profit Boosts

Because sportsbooks want to give themselves an edge, and bettors like to win more money for nothing, more books are embracing profit boosts. They’re not available across all platforms or all activities yet; however, more sportsbooks have more options all the time.


DraftKings has several profit boosts available for most sports. Bettors can access a maximum of one profit boost per game, with a maximum bet of $50. 

The profit boost can be used on almost any bet type – Moneyline, spread, over/under, and more. To qualify, the boost has to be selected prior to placing the wager. 


FanDuel doesn’t offer many profit boost options. It prefers to use odds boosts, which, while having the potential to pay out more, favor the book more than the bettor. 

There are, on occasion, some profit boosts available. For example, FanDuel offered its “Big Cat Bonus” for golf. It gives a 50% profit boost on the first winning Tiger Woods live bet made during the PGA Memorial Tournament in July 2022.


BetRivers offers 20% profit boosts each week. They are, however, limited to one NFL or NCAA college game. 

Customers are issued a 20% profit boost token. The token is available 24 hours and can be used on any game. This is BetRivers’ way of encouraging early betting on the weekend of football action. The maximum bet size is $25, and the maximum additional winnings are $250.


The site changes its profit boost options each week. Registered users can find the options in the “bonuses” section after adding a particular bet to their betting slip. 

Unibet will offer players the opportunity to place bets on profit boosts. These profits can range from 0 to 100 %. The Max Stake can range from $0 to $100. Profit boosts will be offered on all sports markets, including NFL, NHL, and MLB. These can be either a pre-match or live bet.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook has profit boosts available for any game on certain days. You might get a 100% profit boost, which will double your profits.

Maximum bets are $200, and sporting events must have odds at least -200. Another example is a 50% profit boost, with a maximum wager limit of $50.

Boosters Offers – Odds Boosts Guide

Most online sportsbooks offer daily odds boosts on specific games or markets in all major sports leagues. An odds boost is when the odds for a specific game or prop bet are increased, while a parlay boost increases the payout by a percentage depending on how many legs the parlay is. 

In addition, many sportsbooks offer regular odds boosts, increasing the payout for a Moneyline, spread, or total bet on specific contests. The sportsbook may also offer odds boosts to customers on particular player props.  

Odds boosts always move the odds in the bettors’ favor, and the operator will give up some or all of the vig for these wagers. Occasionally, the odds will be boosted enough that the sportsbook will give up its house edge for a particular event.

Here’s what some of the top online sportsbooks are offering as odds boost promotions for their players:


Odds Boost: WynnBet offers limited-time boosted odds promotions daily in selected markets.  

How it works: Find major sports matchups selected for the odds boost promotion by adjusting the “Buy/Sell Points” on the bet slip. The player can then change the line and affect the odds. 

Sports available: NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, NHL, PGA, MMA, and Tennis.

How to place the wager: Players will use the “Buy/Sell Points” option on the bet slip after betting selections have been made to adjust the odds in their favor.  

Caesars Sportsbook   

Odds Boost: Caesars offers dozens of daily odds boosts for all players on various sports markets.

How it works: Find sports matchups that are selected for the odds boost promotion by visiting the “Odds Boosts” section in each market. 

Sports available: NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAAB, NCAAF, and more.

How to get the boosted odds: Find the section for odds boosts in the specific market to select the odds boost for selected games. The available betting options, such as moneyline, spread, or total, are shown with the regular odds and new boosted odds for the game chosen. Just choose the type of wager and submit to get the boosted odds. 


Odds Boost: FanDuel offers daily odds boosts on all major sports markets.

How it works: Bettors can boost the odds for a single game or prop bet in various sports markets. 

Sports available: NHL, NBA, Soccer, UFC, and other major sports

How to place the wager: Go to the “Boosts” section, which is on the app’s main page, after selecting the sports market to wager on. Odds for each contest will be listed, with the boosted odds highlighted. Just click on the boosted odds to place the bet.   


Odds Boost: This odds boost gives new users a chance to Bet $1, Win $100 on either team in the user’s selected game to score a point.

How it works: Bettors can boost the odds for a single game or prop bet in various sports markets. 

Sports available: NHL, NBA, Soccer, UFC, and other major sports (released as DraftKings offers them)

How to place the wager: After an initial deposit of $5, the odds boost option is made available. Option into the promo, when offered, will automatically turn on the boost. 


Odds Boost: There is a different odds boost every day, posted at 12 PM. 

How it works: Bettors can boost the odds for a single game or prop bet in various sports markets. 

Sports available: NHL, NBA, Soccer, UFC, and other major sports (released as PointsBet offers them)How to place the wager: The odds boost can be found under the Lunchtime Booster Odds heading on the website or app. There is a maximum bet of $100 on all odds boost promotions.