Michelle Obama Runs For President in 2024? Betting Odds & Predictions

Michelle Obama has never once expressed any notion to be running for President of the United States in 2024. She’s always insisted on holding a lack of interest in the position. The American public, though, appears to be very interested in the thought of Obama running for President of the United States. Betting sites lits Mrs Obama as high as Kamala Harris with odds +3500.

Should current U.S. President Joe Biden opt not to run for the second term in 2024 – he’ll be 81 years old by then – then polling is showing that former First Lady Obama would be among the top choices of Americans to be the Democratic nominee for President. She’s been voted the most admired woman in America three years in a row. 

poll conducted by Hill-HarrisX showed that Obama would be the second choice among some 200 potential candidates. Current Vice-President Kamala Harris was the choice of 13 percent of those polled. Obama was next at 10 percent.

No other candidate polled at better than 5 percent. 

History shows that a Harris Presidential candidacy could prove problematic for the Democrats. Former Democrat Vice-Presidents running for the Presidency are 2-4 in election outcomes. Biden was the second former Democrat Vice-President to be elected to the Oval Office. However, like the other winner, Harry S. Truman in 1948, neither went directly from the Vice-Presidency to being elected to sit in the President’s chair. Those who tried to do just that – Al Gore (2000), Hubert Humphrey (1968) and John Breckenridge (1860) – all lost the election. 

On the other hand, former First Ladies are 0-1 in the race to be President. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton’s First Lady from 1993-2000, lost the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump.

US Presidential Election 2024 – Winner Betting Odds

Candidate WinnerOdds to win 2024 US election
Donald Trump+250
Michelle Obama+3500
Joe Biden+550
Kamala Harris+1,400

Republicans Fearful Of Obama

Michelle Obama, though, doesn’t carry the baggage that Clinton was toting around. She’s viewed as one of the popular First Ladies in history. Obama is seen as a very legitimate candidate and one who may be above reproach.

2024 president usa odds

Obama was a keynote speaker at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Her book Becoming was a national best seller. Obama’s deals with Netflix and Spotify have kept her in a place of prominence in the public spotlight. She’s been a tireless campaigner for voting rights, a hot button issue today with American voters. And her husband Barack Obama was one of the most popular Presidents in U.S. history.


Trump Won’t Go Away

Lurking in the weeds, still refusing to accept his 2020 defeat to Biden, Trump is already plotting a comeback bid for the White House in 2024. His popularity with Christian evangelicals and the hardcore Republican base is making things problematic for those in the party seeking to move on from Trump. 

Betting on politics isn’t legal in the USA but across the border in Canada, DraftKings recently posted 2024 U.S. Presidential odds in Ontario. Trump was listed as the +250 favorite. 

Obama was offering odds of +3500, while Harris was at a betting line of +1400.

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