South Carolina Betting Sites

Discover why South Carolina online betting isn't legal. Learn reasons for restrictions in the Palmetto State. Is any wagering in South Carolina possible?

No form of casino or sports betting in South Carolina is legal right now.

South Carolina online betting in any form is against state law. That means you can’t bet on sportsbooks, internet casinos, and even horse racing here. It is all illegal, and that goes for land-based casino gaming and sports wagering in South Carolina too. The Palmetto State can’t impose taxes or age limits, however, because there are no regulations in place. All you can do here is buy lottery tickets and play Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) games. There are no offers and bonuses for sports betting in South Carolina, nor professional teams in major leagues.

Betting Sites in South Carolina

With all forms of betting in South Carolina illegal and against state law, there are no online sportsbooks allowed to operate here. That position is unlikely to change in the future. The only thing close to South Carolina online betting that is permitted in the Palmetto State is playing Daily Fantasy Sports games (DFS) on sites that accept players including:

  • DraftKings, which offers fantasy games on a range of US and popular international sports.
  • FanDuel are allowed to offer DFS games with entry fees in South Carolina.

Best Apps in South Carolina

The only South Carolina apps that you can use which are in any way related to sports betting are Daily Fantasy ones. These allow you to have what they call paid contests where you pay an entry fee for your fantasy teams. If you get the most points from those in that private league, then you win prize money made up from the fees. These DFS South Carolina apps include:

  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings

Retail Sportsbooks in South Carolina

As there are no land-based or tribal casinos for wagering in South Carolina, there aren’t any places for offline betting either. Despite the Palmetto State having a couple of minor racetracks, even gambling on horse racing is illegal at these venues:

  • Stono Ferry Racetrack in Hollywood, South Carolina.
  • Springdale Racecourse in Camden, Kershaw County.

Should betting in South Carolina ever become legalized, then these would be obvious locations to introduce it.

Professional Teams in South Carolina

There are no major league pro sports teams based in South Carolina. Residents of the Palmetto State often follow NFL franchise Carolina Panthers, who sometimes train here; as well as the NHL team Carolina Hurricanes and the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. These represent the Carolinas – North and South – as a whole. 

South Carolina Betting FAQs

No, South Carolina online betting is currently illegal. This is because the Palmetto State government hasn’t legalized the industry.

Can I Bet on Sports Online in South Carolina?

No, online sports betting in South Carolina isn’t legal, so you can’t do it. The state needs to make laws and regulations governing internet sportsbooks before they can operate here. 

Can I Use DraftKings in South Carolina?

Yes, DraftKings is among the South Carolina apps for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) games you can play. There are even paid contests where you could win prize money.

Tax When Betting in South Carolina?

You can’t pay taxes on winnings made from wagering in South Carolina because betting is illegal in the state. Without regulation and legalized gambling here, there can’t be any rate of tax. There is a requirement per federal law to declare profits for income tax, however.