Sleeper Fantasy Sports Promo & Legal States – Get $500 in 2024 Bonus: Play $10 Get up to $500

Sleeper considers itself the No. 1 fantasy sports app for both fantasy football and fantasy basketball. With over 4 million players, they might just have a point. 

Sleeper built a foundation within the massive fantasy sports industry by creating an app that is responsive and offers ease of use. It’s amazing how quickly you can take care of your daily fantasy sports needs during the course of the day simply by logging into their app.

There are no ads to bog down the Sleeper site. You transact in real time and it’s arguably the most interactive of all the online fantasy sports sites. Through Sleeper’s leaguechat, members of leagues can chat and discuss their teams and their future plans with each other.

They offer redraft, keeper and dynasty league options. There are mock drafts to try and see how things might play out for your team, and rookie leagues that only include fantasy sports newbies. Waivers and trades are available in order to change the makeup of your team’s roster.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made quickly with the Sleeper integrated wallet. 

Sleeper Welcome Bonus & Promo Code 2024

The Sleeper welcome bonus offer is a first deposit match of as much as $500. The minimum deposit required to activate this offer is $10. 

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What is the Sleeper bous code? No code is required, use link to sign up.

Sleeper Fantasy Sports Markets

Sleeper fantasy offers competition in both fantasy football and fantasy basketball, as well as MLB, NHL and college basketball and football. There are three types of leagues that can be organized. Redraft leagues change the entire roster with every season. With a keeper league, each owner can designate players to keep on their roster for the next season. The number of keepers is customizable. In a dynasty league, all rosters stay with owners. Owners will need to conduct a draft from the rookies and free agent pool.

Sleeper Fantasy sports betting app

Sleeper Fantasy Sports Game Types

Along with traditional season-long fantasy leagues, there are best ball fantasy football leagues in which a team’s top scorer at each position counts toward the week’s results. 

Similar to sports betting, picks and over/under options are quick plays that can be made on a daily basis. With picks, you select two players from any sport and compete with other teams to see which picks produce the biggest numbers in that night’s action. Over/under is similar to a total bet at a sportsbook. You select a scenario and select whether the total set for that scenario will go over or under. Bracket Mania offers the chance to fill out a March Madness tournament bracket and compete against thousands of other players for cash prizes.

Sleeper enables you to customize league features, scoring settings and playoff settings for any league. 

TOP Fantasy Games: Football, Basketball, Bracket Mania, and LCS Games’s fantasy sports app offers a variety of popular games catering to different interests:

  • Fantasy Football: Launches in September with 3,000,000+ players. It supports 4-32 players per league and offers draft options now. Popular formats include Redraft, Auction, and Dynasty.
  • Fantasy Basketball: Begins in October with 100,000+ players. It accommodates 4-32 players per league with drafting available now. The game features Dynasty, Redraft, and Keeper modes, along with an exclusive Lock-In mode only available on Sleeper.
  • Bracket Mania: Available in March with 100,000+ players, supporting 2-10,000 players per game. It offers Cash Prizes and Public Pools as popular ways to play, with brackets opening in March.
  • Fantasy LCS (League Championship Series): Starts every January and June as an LCS official partner. It supports 4-32 players per league, with drafting options in January & June. The game includes Champ Picks, Champ Bans, and focuses on the LCS.

These games provide diverse and engaging fantasy sports experiences across football, basketball, eSports, and tournament brackets.

  1. Fantasy NFL Alerts
  2. Bracket Mania Rec.
  3. League of Legends
  4. Fantasy NFL Chat
  5. Fantasy NBA Chat
  6. Fantasy NFL Q&A
  7. Fantasy Football
  8. Fantasy NBA Alerts

How many US states are offering access to Sleeper Fantasy Sports?

Sleeper is offered in 28 states and the District of Columbia. To find out if your state offers Sleeper fantasy sports, click here. You can play fantasy sports games online with the Sleeper app in: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Is Sleeper Fantasy Sports available as an app?

Yes, in fact Sleeper began life entirely as an app, later adding a desktop version. Their app is available for download and works with both iOS and Android mobile devices.

To play Sleeper, you’ll need to be at least 18 years of age. However, some states require you to be 19, while others won’t allow you to play at Sleeper until you’re 21.

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