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Best Sweepstakes Casinos – USA Free Money Online Casinos and Bonuses

In the USA and Canada many people will be familiar with sweepstakes competitions, these are promotions run by companies that aim to increase product sales by offering prizes to lucky winners. Recently, a new form of Sweepstakes promotion has been gaining popularity. The Online Sweepstakes Casino market is exploding with new players taking advantage of the opportunity to win real prizes and real money by playing on the exciting social casino websites.

Here’s our guide to the sweepstakes casino world, learn how these casino sites work, what games you can play online, and how to withdraw your winnings in real money. Play free online slots to redeem cash prizes at sweeps coins casino platforms.

The Best Sweepstakes Casinos

Chumba Casino

Description: Chumba Casino is the largest and most popular Sweepstakes Casino. They offer 50+ games online including slots and blackjack. Chumba was founded in 2012 and is owned by VGW, a social gaming company based out of Australia.

Coin Type: Players can play with promotional ‘Sweepstakes Coins’ and win real cash prizes.


Bonus: Get $30 of Gold Coins for $10+ 2 Sweeps Coins Free On Signup. Daily 1 Sweeps Coin for Free.

Luckyland Slots

Description: Luckyland slots is one of the most popular Sweepstakes Casinos on the market. Luckyland offers 50+ games including slots and blackjack and is owned by VGW. 

Coins Type: Players can play with promotional sweepstakes coins and win real cash prizes.


Bonus: GET 10 FREE SWEEPS COINS ON SIGNUP +$10 Gold Coin Offer on your first Purchase for $4.99 Daily 1SC Free.

Description: is one of the newest Sweepstakes Casinos. offers 100+ games including slots, table, and specialty.

Coin Type: You can buy Gold Coin packages with crypto currency. They will receive free Stake Cash which they can use to play Stakes casino style games and redeem crypto currency prizes.

Payment: Crypto.

Bonus: 5% Rakeback bonus.


Description: is the fastest growing sweeps coins casino. offers 500+ games. Pulsz is owned by YSI a company based out of Gibraltar.

Coin Type: Pulsz allows you to buy gold coins and get Sweepstakes Coins’.

Payment: AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, or their Bank.

Bonus: 30 SC Coins with the purchase of a Gold Coin Package. Daily 0.30SC Free.


Description: Funzpoints is one of the most trusted and reliable Sweepstakes Casinos. Funzpoints offers 30+ games including slots and specialty games.

Coin Type: Funzpoints allows you to play in promotional mode using ‘Premium Funzpoints’.

Payments: AMEX, VISA, Mastercard, JCB, or Bank.

Bonus: Up to 2250 Free Premium Funzpoints upon purchase. Daily Free SC.


Description: Funrize is a new Sweepstakes Casino that offers exciting games to its players. It has 20+ games and unique fishing games.

Coin Type: Funrize allows you to play in promotional mode using ‘entries’.

Payments: VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Bank.

Bonus: Up to 500 entries per day by playing the ‘Funrize wheel’.

Sweepstakes Casino
Sweepstakes Casino Guide:

    Sweeps Coins Casino Bonuses, FREE Promo Entries

      • 50% OFF – 16,215 Gold Coins for $20 + 15 FREE Sweeps Coins
    • Chumba Casino
      • Get $20 OFF Gold Coins Purchase + 30 Free Sweeps Coins
    • Luckyland Slots
      • Get 10 FREE Sweeps Bonus Coins
    • Fortune Coins
      • 1,000,000 Gold Coins + $40 of FREE Coins for your first purchase.
    • WowVegas
      • 5,000 WOW Coins and 1 Free Sweepstakes Coins in Promo.

    What is a Sweepstakes Casino?

    Sweepstakes Casinos or Sweepstakes Social Casinos are free-to-play social casinos where you can play to win real prizes. 

    Unlike a normal Social Casino, Sweepstakes Casinos allow you to play in, what is often referred to as, promotional mode. In promotional mode you can play slots, blackjack, roulette, and speciality games with the chance to win real money.

    How Does it Work

    On a Sweepstakes Casino you can switch between virtual coins and promotional coins. Promotional coins are often called ‘Sweepstakes Coins’ or ‘Entries’ while virtual coins are often called ‘Gold Coins’.

    When playing with virtual coins no real prizes can be won, however, when playing with promotional coins you can win real cash prizes. 

    In order to get promotional coins you can buy virtual coin packages or you can use an alternative method of entry(mailing in a request, claiming daily free coins, and more!). 

    Promotional coin packages come for as little as $4.99. Just remember not every package comes with free Sweepstakes Coins so make sure to read what each package contains before making a purchase.

    get started at sweepstakes casinos

    How to Start at Sweepstakes Casino: Step-by-Step Guide

    in order to play at a Sweepstakes Casino you must …

    1. Register an account. Make sure you are in a state where Sweepstakes Casinos are legal and ensure you meet the Sweepstakes Casinos minimum age requirement.
    2. Navigate to buy a virtual coins package while ensuring that the package you buy comes with promotional coins. Note: Not every package will come with promotional coins.
    3. Play games with promotional coins and win prizes.
    4. Redeem real cash prizes. Prizes can vary but some people have won north of 7-figures on websites like

    How to exchange sweepstakes coins for money and withdraw real prizes 

    In order to redeem real money from a Sweepstakes Casino you win promotional coins by playing slots or other games on the website with promotional coins. 

    Once you have won coins through gameplay navigate to the website’s redemption page and request the desired amount of your redemption.

    Some Sweepstakes Casinos require you to redeem at least $100 so make sure your redeemable balance is above the minimum required redemption amount.

    You can withdraw winnings directly to your bank, via gift cards, or by Paypal. Most sweepstakes casinos do not charge any fees for redemptions but rembert there is usually a minimum redemption amount.

    Sweepstakes Casinos allow you to buy virtual coin packages with a variety of payment methods. Most major Sweepstakes Casinos accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and JCB. Sweepstakes Casinos often let players pay directly with their bank. Some even accept crypto currency.

    Chumba sweepstakes casino slots and online games

    Types of Games Offered, Top Free Money Slots to Play

    Sweepstakes cnline casino sites offer a wide range of fun slots, table, and specialty games. For example, you can play games like Sweet Bonanza, Money Train 2, Mysterious Egypt, and Sugar Rush. When playing on Chumba casino players can enjoy exclusive games like Hypernova which has jackpot respins, up to 10,000 ways to win, and more! Players of Sweepstakes Casinos like,, and can enjoy games from top global slot providers!

    Legal States

    The best part about Sweepstakes casino websites is that they are legal in nearly all USA states and in Canada with exception to the province of Quebec and Washington state. 

    Before playing at a Sweepstakes Casino make sure you reside within a legal state. Each Sweepstakes Casino is different in their approach and not every Sweepstakes Casino is available in the same states.

    Live Games

    Currently no Social Sweepstakes Casinos offer Live gaming experiences. However, as the Sweepstakes Casino market expands it shouldn’t long before you can play with promotional coins in a live online environment.

    New Sweepstake Casino Sites in 2023 

    As the market for Sweepstakes Casinos expands, many new players are entering the game. Some recently launched Sweepstakes casinos are:

    1. Wow Vegas 
    1. Sweep slots 
    1. Fortune coins
    pulsz com social sweepstakes casino

    Real Money Casino VS Online Sweepstakes Casino

    Players have a lot of choices when it comes to gaming online. Choosing the right experience for you when playing at an online casino is important. View the best legal online casino sites for USA. You can play real money games with New Jersey casinos, West Virginia casinos, Michigan online gambling sites, Delaware casinos, Pennsylvania online casinos and Connecticut gambling websites.

    When deciding on whether to play on a Sweepstakes Casino vs a real money online casino you must take into account a couple key factors.

    First, are online casinos for real money legal in your state?

    Real money online casinos are illegal throughout the US. Today only 6 out of 50 states provide players legal real money online slots and table games. These states are Delaware, Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virgina if you live in one of these states you can play on legal real money online casinos.

    Even still Sweepstakes Casinos may offer you a more casual experience since you can play for free. 

    Let’s go through the pros and cons of Sweepstakes Casinos.

    Pros of Sweepstakes Sites vs Real Money Online Casino

    • Free-to-play
    • Casual Gaming Experience
    • More rewards and free experiences

    Cons of Sweepstakes Casinos vs Real Money Gambling Sites

    • No real money gameplay 
    • No depositing
    • Less variety of games

    If you live in a state where real money online casinos are illegal you will find Sweepstakes Casinos to be an exciting and fun alternative. Even though you can not deposit and withdraw, Sweepstakes Casinos allow you to play-for-free while having the chance to win real cash prizes.

    What kind of games do you like to play?

    Your game of choice will also influence your preference of sweepstakes casino. 

    If you like to play slots you may find websites like Lucky Land Slots and Chumba Casino entertaining. However, if you are into table games you should check out a website like because of their range of table and house games.

    What is your preferred payment method?

    Some websites that offer sweepstakes promotions only accept Crypto while others only offer payment Via Credit Card. Before choosing a website make sure you are comfortable with the payment and redemption options.

    social sweepstakes casino apps

    Sweepstakes Casino Apps

    Many of the top Sweepstakes Casinos offer apps on both the Google play and Apple store. In some cases these apps do not offer a promotional mode in order to comply with the rules set by Apple and Google.

    Sweepstakes Casinos with apps include,,, and

    Online Sweepstakes Casino Offers

    Here’s the List of the TOP-Rated Social Sweepstakes Online Casinos 2023

    • Chumba Casino
    • LuckyLand Sweepstakes
    • FunzPoints
    • FundRize

    Sweepstakes Casinos FAQs

    What is Sweepstakes Casino Age Requirement?

    Sweepstakes Casinos have varying requirements for age. In general you must be either 18 or 21 to play at a Sweepstakes Casino. In order to play comfortably and legally be sure to check the terms and conditions of Sweepstakes Casinos before you play.

    Are Sweepstakes Casinos Legal?

    Sweepstakes Casinos are legal in both the USA and Canada with the exception of the province of Quebec and the state of Washington.
    Sweepstakes Casinos remove the aspect of consideration in order to be legal. This means that Sweepstakes Casinos are always free to play and must offer alternative methods by which players can get Promotional coins. 
    In general, Sweepstakes Casinos allow you to mail in letters to request free promotional coins, enter social media giveaways, and claim free daily coins.