Tennessee Horse Racing

Tennessee online horse betting is legal and business is thriving for the leading operators in the industry.

Regulations have been eased regarding wagering in Tennessee, allowing sports betting providers along with horse betting operators. As a result, there are ample Tennessee horse racing sites for residents to choose to wager with. Online betting companies are required within the Volunteer State as there are no possibilities for in-person wagering. There are no racetracks within the borders of the region, preventing live-action racing. Participants in horse betting in Tennessee must be 18 years old or over.

Horse Betting Sites in Tennessee

Residents have access to the following Tennessee horse racing sites:

  • TwinSpires – Provides one of the leading products available for horse racing betting. Customers have access to a wide range of markets and value on their odds.
  • DRF Bets – Offer an outstanding service for their customers. Their markets have scope for races across the world with competitive odds.
  • NYRA Bets – This operator provides excellent value odds on races across the world for their users

Tennessee Best Horse Betting Apps 

These are the best Tennessee horse racing apps:

  • NYRA Bets – Their app provides ease of function for online wagering, handing users access to markets, bets and transactions without issue.
  • DRF Bets – Offer their users a good experience for horse betting in Tennessee. The app has pleasing aesthetics, while transactions are a simple process.  
  • AmWager – Provides great functionality for users of both iOS and Android devices, allowing customers to wager with ease.

Top Three Bonus Offers in Tennessee

Tennessee horse racing sites and apps will provide customers with these offers.

  • NYRA Bets – Will match your first deposit up to $xxx
  • TwinSpires – Offer a sign-up bonus up to $xxx
  • DRF Bets – Double your first deposit up to $xxx

Tennessee Horse Racing Tracks

There are no racetracks in the Volunteer State, therefore there are no opportunities for in-person wagering in Tennessee.

Residents who do have a great interest in horse racing will have to travel out of the state to spectate live-action racing.

Considering that Kentucky is a short distance away, residents can make the short journey to the Churchill Downs to watch the Kentucky Derby – the signature event of American racing – every May.  

Local and Major Horse Betting Events in Tennessee

There is only one horse racing event in Tennessee. The Iroquois Steeplechase occurs in spring every year in the Volunteer State at Percy Warner Park. It is a free event and there are no opportunities for wagering in Tennessee.

For betting enthusiasts in the region, there are ample betting markets across the United States, and even the world depending on the wagering operator.

The Kentucky Derby is perhaps the most notorious, as part of the Triple Crown. Given its proximity to Tennessee, it is the best chance to see an elite race, although tickets can be hard to come by.

Types of Horse Racing Bets in Tennessee

These types of wagers are available for Tennessee online horse betting.

  • Win – Where you simply back a horse to win the race.
  • Place/Show – This is where you back a horse to finish in the top two or top three of a race.
  • Exacta/Trifecta/Superfecta – On this bet, you aim to guess the correct order of the finishing horses up to fourth place depending on the wager.


Yes. Tennessee online horse betting is legal and the leading operators for wagering are active in the Volunteer State, offering a diverse range of markets and bets.

Do you pay tax on horse betting winnings in Tennessee?

When participating in wagering in Tennessee you will not have to pay the state income tax. The federal government can charge up to 24% of your winnings over $5,000. You must report the correct amount of your earnings through wagering on your income tax.

To participate in horse betting in Tennessee you must be 18 years old or over.