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What are VIP Promo Offers and How to Claim Betting Rewards?

Sportsbooks in NJ, AZ, MI, CO, IL, NY, OH and other U.S. states are not just looking to offer good deals and promotions to attract new clients to new gaming sites. Instead, they are trying to build a solid clientele by giving new users a chance to obtain top-level deals and promotions. 

Some of these promos can be taken advantage of once users have signed into a provider’s service. However, most sportsbooks will keep VIP promo offers consistent throughout different seasons, sporting events, and other special occasions to keep users linked to their digital gaming and betting platforms. 

Premier betting rewards are also part of special promotions that sportsbooks release. Some of these will be offered when joining a rewards or loyalty program at a specific sportsbook. Points and benefits can be accumulated and usually exchanged for betting offers, benefits, merchandise, and other gaming features. 

How to Obtain VIP Sportsbook Offers and Betting Rewards

To take advantage of VIP promo offers and betting rewards, users must explore what each sportsbook has laid out for all players to take advantage of. Most sportsbooks will offer sign-up bonuses that can easily be categorized as VIP. However, some are not as generous as others but may be unique to specific gaming features and sporting events. 

The same goes for betting rewards. These can usually be earned by either participating in special events, betting dynamics, or VIP and loyalty programs offered by the sportsbook. The best advice to all new and expert users is to explore the full array of gaming and betting features each sportsbook has. 

Which Sportsbooks offer VIP Bonuses and Sports Betting Rewards?

Prominent players in the market, such as DraftKings, PointsBet and others, offer some of the most competitive VIP promos and betting rewards. These are some of the top VIP promo codes currently being offered by some of the top sportsbooks in the market:


  • Get a Free Bet up to $100
    • Deposit a minimum of $25
    • Referral rewards apply. If the referral deposits $25-$49, both the referrer and referral will receive one $25 Free Bet. The Free Bet amount can vary and increase depending on the initial deposit.
    • Free Bets valid for seven days
  • $100 in Free Credit – New to Casino Only
    • Max payout of $100 in Free Credits.
  • Daily Free-to-Play Pools
    • Free to play with the opportunity to win multiple cash awards. 
  • Awards for specific games such as Dynasty Rewards.
    • Dynasty Rewards consist of a program to earn points that can be redeemable for Free Play benefits, Dynasty Store, Travel Tickets at Dynasty Store, and more merchandise options. 
    • Points can be earned with daily fantasy features, casino points, and sportsbook bets. 


  • Two risk-free bets of up to $2,000 for new users only
  • Live same-game parlay for both the NBA and NFL
  • PointsBet Rewards Program:
    • Points accumulated for every dollar bet 
    • Points can be exchanged for bet credits
    • Can also be exchanged for various features such as “Make it Rain” or “Parlay Boosts”


FanDuel operates its VIP bonus program a little differently. Compared to most, it’s actually very simple, which bettors like. For every $1 deposited, FanDuel rewards five FanDuel points. Accumulate enough points, and you are put into a VIP category. You can increase the level from there by depositing more. 

Other sportsbooks, such as TwinSpires, run periodic VIP promotions. They don’t maintain an ongoing campaign to reward their big spenders. There are also some platforms, such as Bet365, that offer VIP bonuses for their casino activity but not for sports betting.

Examples of Specific VIP Betting Rewards

New users must pick their top sportsbook and head over to explore its bonuses and promo offers to make the most of VIP promos and rewards. To do so, users will need to register with the specific sportsbook. 

Bettors can take advantage of specific bonuses applicable when opening an account. For instance, with a minimum deposit of $10 to $20, players can obtain a risk-free bet or have their wager matched when placing a bet. For example, say a bettor wants to put $50 on tonight’s top NBA game. If it’s a matching promo, the house will match your bet and add $50, totaling a $100 bet. 

When the time comes to redeem some of those earned points, things start to become more interesting. For example, some sportsbooks will allow players and bettors to exchange these points for specific bet boosts, casino game features or even exchange them for a particular dollar value at their local casino partner. In addition, they can sometimes be used to purchase sportsbook merchandise. 

Which Sports Can One Bet on VIP Offers?

Most sportsbooks will allow users to make the most of pretty much all their gaming offers. That means bettors and players can usually earn points by hitting the online poker and blackjack tables and playing specific versions of slots. 

As for sports options, some promos and codes are only applicable to specific sports and or events. For instance, some sportsbooks will offer top-level VIP promo codes during the NFL and NBA playoffs, as well as throughout March Madness. In addition, some promos might be specific to events such as the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals. 

Sportsbooks always prioritize having solid VIP promo offers and betting rewards. The good news for all bettors is that offers are always available in the market. The most important advice is to check daily updates on promos and reward programs. Then, compare what specific sportsbooks currently give as promotions. In the end, it’s all about making the best of everything your favorite sportsbook offers.