Washington Betting Sites

This page goes in-depth to find out what type of online betting is legal in Washington. We’ll explore the ins and out of betting in the nation’s capital.
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Can you bet on sports in Washington? Yes, sports betting is legal in Washington, but it’s primarily done in person at Native American tribal casinos. Some casinos have partnerships with online sports betting operators like DraftKings and Caesars, and there are also casino-specific betting apps available.

Additionally, there are no legal online casinos permitted in the state of Washington, with the only way to experience casino gaming, online or off, being at Native American-owned venues.

Retail Sportsbooks in Washington

There are no active land-based sportsbooks for wagering in Washington, but this will change in the near future. Legislation has been passed to allow casinos in Washington to operate physical sportsbooks, but no moves have been made to finalize this yet. However, the outlook for land-based sportsbooks in Washington online betting is positive and we should see them operating legally sooner rather than later. 

Professional Teams in Washington

Washington is renowned for having a host of strong professional teams competing in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and MLS. These teams are the Washington Nationals, the Washington Football Team, the Washington Capitals, the Washington Wizards, and DC United. 

Washington Betting FAQs

Can you legally bet on fantasy sports in Washington?

You cannot legally bet on fantasy sports in Washington at the moment. But, while betting in Washington is currently limited, lawmakers are studying this very closely in a bid to change the ruling.

It’s impossible to say for sure but as far as the short-term prospects of online betting go, it doesn’t look like anything will change for Washington online betting soon.

Does Washington have a state lottery?

Yes, Washington betting choices include a state lottery. The state joined the Mega Millions multi-state lottery and is part of the Powerball association.

Tax When Betting in Washington?

The state of Washington does not collect a gambling tax at the moment. This could change if Washington online betting and sports betting are made legal but as things stand, Washingtonians aren’t charged any tax on winnings.