Kansas Online Gambling Sites and Casinos

In Kansas, sports betting awaits legalization in 2024, with renewed hopes for a bill. Meanwhile, land-based casinos offer various games, but online casino play remains illegal. Horse race betting is available online, and the state lottery continues at retail outlets.

The bad news for Kansas residents is that sports betting is yet to be legalized, either at in-person venues or online, but the good news is that it could be happening sometime in the next few months.

Backers of a 2021 bill were hopeful a seismic change to the gambling laws would become a reality in the Sunflower State after legislation allowing four casinos to accept sports betting passed the Senate, a move that would have also led to the casinos partnering with online sportsbooks. However, alterations to the bill were made in a bid to open up the potential market involving race track sites and lottery retailers, leading to the bill stalling with no agreement reached. 

The bill is expected to come up again this year with a more rigid structure, and the casino operators are especially hopeful to see a positive move. The state has both state-owned and tribal casinos, offering slots and a range of table games to gamblers aged 21 and over. Horse race betting and the state lottery are also available.

Kansas Gambling Outlook 2024: Awaiting Legal Betting Sites


Online sports gambling is legal in Kansas. Top sites include betMGM, Fanatics Sportsbook and DraftKings.

There is no longer live horse racing in Kansas but online horse race betting is allowed through advance-deposit wagering sites such as TVG and BetAmerica.

Poker and Card Rooms in Kansas

No legal online poker but offshore sportsbooks say they are open to Kansas players; these sites operate outside US law and as such, offer no consumer protection with no guarantees that winning bets will be paid out. Live poker is available at the state’s land-based casinos.

Kansas Lottery

There is a state lottery which has been running since 1987 and is open to players aged 18 or over with tickets available at retail outlets located across Kansas; there are no online sales available.  

Kansas DFS

DFS events were legalized in Kansas in 2015 with games run by all the major sites like DraftKings and FanDuel available.

As it stands, it isn’t legal to gamble at an online casino in Kansas.

Kansas stands as one of the more modern examples of a new and successful casino industry, but the gaming only extends to the walls of its venues. The state doesn’t explicitly permit the use or offering of online casino games in Kansas at this time.

So, as a resident of the Sunflower State, you’re welcome to enjoy poker, table games, slots, and even partake in some pari-mutuel betting at racetracks, but you can’t find legal Kansas online casino sites.

Online Casino Sites in Kansas

You are not permitted to gamble at online casinos in Kansas. While some lawmakers have argued that their casino licensing should extend to the internet, not one legal Kansas online casino site exists. With the casino gaming scene not having a long history in the state, it’s likely seen as wise to be cautious with an expansion into a more convenient and expansive form of play.

Best Online Casino Games in Kansas

You are not permitted to play the best online casino games in Kansas. Without any, let alone the best online casino operators in Kansas, you’re unable to access the best online casino games. Should the state open up gambling on the internet, players would likely see many of the best games become available as online casinos compete against each other, as is being seen in states that have legalized gambling in this area.

Best Online Casino Apps in Kansas

You are not permitted to gamble via online casino apps in Kansas. Casino apps fall under the same rulings as online casinos in Kansas: it isn’t legal to gamble via online casino apps. While mobile casinos may seem like the lesser form, many feature the full online site offering. As Kansas is very strict with its illegal gambling punishments, primarily to protect its regulated industry, casino apps should be avoided.

Top Land-based Casinos in Kansas

You have several land-based casinos to visit in the state. Kansas has built a thriving and diverse land-based casino gaming industry, with a near-equal split of tribal and state-owned venues. Of the four Native American casinos, the Sac & Fox Casino in Powhattan is a sound choice for its lively floor and stocked bar. For state-licensed gaming, the fresh Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel in Pittsburg certainly sets the bar high for gambling and entertainment.

Kansas Online Gambling FAQs

See some of the most pressing Kansas casino questions answered below.

Do Kansas casinos have online game sites?

While the land-based Kansas casinos do have websites, like most modern businesses, they’re not allowed to host gambling games on the internet.

The Sunflower State is very protective of its existing, relatively young land-based casino industry and looks unlikely to permit online casino gaming soon.

Why was my Kansas casino win less than expected?

Kansas enforces a five percent withholding tax on gambling winnings, meaning five percent of your net win is charged.

Tax When Gambling in Kansas

Your gambling winnings are subject to state and federal tax in Kansas. The IRS declares that you must report gambling winnings as taxable income, which is taxed at 24 percent. The Sunflower State also enforces a withholding tax of 5 percent on money won through gambling.

While land-based casinos in Kansas are not open to players aged under 21, lottery sales are open to players aged 18 or over. The gambling laws in Kansas come under the jurisdiction of the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission

Where in Kansas can I get help with problem gambling?

If you, or a friend or relative, is struggling with issues around gambling, you can find help and advice at a variety of sources in the state. National Council on Problem Gambling (ncpgambling.org).

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