Kentucky Online Gambling

Find out what online gambling options and sites you have in Kentucky.

Sports gambling is live, with eight operators awarded sports betting licenses to launch online Kentucky sportsbooks. has you covered with the latest news, updates, and exclusive promotions.

Kansas Gambling Options

Being the home of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky has legal horse racing betting as well as sports gambling. Gambling on sports is possible online on gambling apps as well as in retail. Find the best offers we have selected for you.

Sports Gambling

Kentucky sports gambling became legal in 2023, and major sportsbooks have launched in the state.

The state is famous for hosting the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs and allows pari-mutuel betting on horse races at racetracks and through online platforms. Twinspires and other Kentucky Racebooks facilitate horse racing wagering.


Online poker is illegal with no in-person options to play either. Offshore sportsbooks offering online poker operate outside of US law, so players participate at their own risk and with no consumer protection.

Lottery in Kentucky

A state lottery has been running since 1989. Retailers sell tickets up and down the state, and tickets are also available online. Players must be 18 to participate.

Kentucky DFS

DFS games are not regulated in Kentucky but events run by the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings are open to entries from the state. Since Kentucky legalized sports gambling, the areas have seen less interest. 

Kentucky Online Casino Sites & Offers

Need to work out if you can play Kentucky online casino games, or if there’s anywhere to play classic American games in KY? Find all of the answers here.

Kentucky has not legalized online casino gaming and has no regulated or tribal casino venues.

Famous for one of the single-largest gambling events of the American calendar, Kentucky has yet to license and regulate casino gambling. 

This is most prominently showcased in the classic gambling form, casino gaming. Most states that are anti-gambling still permit tribal casinos, but Kentucky’s criteria doesn’t even allow for the Native Americans to establish a games venue.

Online Casino Sites in Kentucky

It is illegal to gamble at an online casino in Kentucky. You won’t find any legal and regulated Kentucky online casino websites, with the state being staunchly against such activities. A crackdown on over 100 gambling domains in the state made it clear that Kentucky is not open for business, nor are its residents permitted to play at online casinos that evade the purge.

Based on the current laws in Kentucky and the overall market in states nearby, BetMGM, Caesars, and Bally Casino are among the first casinos expected to go live in the state in 2025.

Kentucky’s most expected online casinos:

Best Online Casino Games in Kentucky

It is illegal to play online casino games in Kentucky. When it comes to real money casino gaming online, the very best of the bunch shows some incredible innovations and entertaining gameplay. However, if you’re in Kentucky, you won’t be able to play any of the best casino games in Kentucky. This is primarily because all casinos of any kind are banned in the state, let alone the top online casino brands that accumulate the most popular titles.

Best Online Casino Apps in Kentucky

It is illegal to gamble on online casino apps in Kentucky. As is the case with Kentucky online casinos, mobile casino apps are also illegal. The Bluegrass State’s gambling laws are very strict and enforced, so very few operators would want to venture into the market with casino gaming apps. That said, even if an app becomes available, under standing law, you should avoid them due to the potential repercussions.

Top Land-based Casinos in Kentucky

Kentucky doesn’t have any land-based casinos. The hard-line stance against online casinos originates from their stance against gambling on Kentucky turf. The state hasn’t licensed or permitted the establishment of any of its own casinos. Usually, Native American tribes are allowed to start casinos, but as neither of the Kentucky-based tribes has federal recognition, they’re not allowed to build a casino. As such, Kentucky is a barren space for the classic American pastime.

Kentucky Gambling FAQs

Are gambling losses an itemized deduction in KY?

As it stands, you are allowed to list gambling losses as an itemized deduction on your submitted gambling winnings in Kentucky.

Where’s the nearest casino in KY?

You won’t find a casino nearby in Kentucky, but the closest to Louisville is probably the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino.

Are there slot machines in KY?

At some of the Kentucky racetracks, you’ll be able to find instant racing machines that are similar to slots but run results based on past races.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in KY?

If in the scenario you could bet at an online casino in Kentucky, the legal gambling age stands at 18-years-old. In a state that’s mostly devoid of gambling activity, Kentucky upholds one of the United States’ lowest legal ages across the board. To partake in any legal gambling activity in the state, you need to be at least 18-years-old.

Tax When Gambling in KY?

Gambling wins in Kentucky are subject to state and federal taxation. For filing your taxes, you’ll want to include your gambling wins and losses on your federal and state reports. The IRS will tax winnings at a rate of 24 percent, while Kentucky imposes a flat 5 percent income tax.

Is gambling legal in Kentucky?

Sports betting is not legal in Kentucky with most forms of gambling outlawed in the state apart from horse race betting, the state lottery and DFS competitions.

Where in Kentucky can I get help with problem gambling?

Gambling can be enjoyable for most people, but some find it can become problematic. If you are struggling to cope with your gambling, or a friend or relative has a problem, help is available. For more information, see Kentucky – National Council on Problem Gambling (    

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