Missouri Online Gambling

Missouri has not yet legalized online gambling as neighbor Iowa, but betting on horse racing and Daily Fantasy Sports is possible. Horse racing betting is possible online as well as on off-track betting simulcast locations. Find the best offers we have selected for you.

Can you gamble online in Missouri?

Online casinonot legal
Sports bettingnot legal
Horse racing online betting legal, but not available 
PokerNot legal

DESPITE several attempts to move the dial on sports betting in Missouri, the state remains a desert to gamblers with another effort this year expected from state lawmakers to legalize online sports betting. However, there appears no immediate signs of breaking the legal impasse, so there is no offline or online sports betting available in Missouri.

And for those hoping that at least horse race wagering is available, the laws have restricted that to only on-track betting with no working race tracks in Missouri – the result being there is no horse race betting either!

The only legal gambling in the state is at land-based or riverboat casinos, with venues offering a wide range of slots, video and table games along with poker. Many offshore sportsbooks say they accept customers from Missouri but they are operating without a US license, and subsequently offer no consumer protection meaning there is no guarantees that winning bets will be paid out.

Missouri Online Betting

No legislation in place so there is no online or offline sports betting available in Missouri. There is the option of heading over the border to place bets in Illinois, with a thriving gambling market in the Prairie State.

Missouri Horse Racing

Technically horse race betting is legal but the law states betting must be on-track and as there are no working tracks in the state there is no horse race betting; there is also no access to advance-deposit wagering sites.

Missouri Casinos

No legislation has been introduced to legalize online casinos but the state does have a number of land-based and riverboat casinos offering a range of gambling options including live dealer games as well roulette and electronic gaming.

Missouri Online Casino Sites & Offers

Find out if you can play at a Missouri online casino, play casino games in Missouri, and if you can gamble through mobile apps in this convenient guide.

It is illegal to gamble at a Missouri online casino, but you can play casino games in Missouri’s land-based casinos.

Once a core member of the famous American riverboat casino industry, Missouri gambling is now tied to the land, with several casinos in the Show-Me State open for business.

While the state’s casinos have evolved from being water-based to dominating the land, the next step is yet to be taken. Right now, Missouri online casino gaming is illegal.

However, the stance of the state may be changing, with representatives recently introducing bills to legalize online gambling in Missouri.

Online Casino Sites in Missouri

It is illegal to gamble at a Missouri online casino.

Missouri’s big-money land-based casino scene is yet to expand to the internet. As it stands, you are not permitted to gamble at an online casino in Missouri.

Just as many other states in America are changing, though, so too might Missouri be. The Show-Me State introduced bill HB 1364 in an attempt to legalize online casino games, online poker, and remote sports betting.

Based on the current laws in Missouri and the overall market in states nearby BetMGM, Caesars and Hard Rock are among the first online casinos expected to go live in the state soon.

Missouri Online Casino Sites/Apps Expected :

  • BetMGM Casino
  • Caesars Casino
  • Hard Rock Casino
  • DraftKings Casino

Best Online Casino Games in Missouri

It is illegal to gamble on the best casino games in Missouri.

Online casino gaming can become so popular in each of its regulated regions because it continues to produce new and exciting games. From online slots to live game shows and table games, online gambling’s best games have something for everyone.

However, as Missouri hasn’t legalized online casinos, it also hasn’t legalized online casino games.

Best Online Casino Apps in Missouri

It is illegal to gamble on the best casino apps as no online casino in Missouri is permitted.

Online casino apps and online casino websites are often one and the same: it usually takes an online casino website to run an online casino app.

As Missouri online casino gaming is illegal, so too is Missouri mobile app casino gaming. 

Top Land-based Casinos in Missouri

It is legal to gamble at the best land-based casinos in Missouri.

You can venture across Missouri to find a total of 13 casinos in operation across ten cities. In Kansas City, you have the choice of Ameristar in Clay, Casino KC in Jackson, or Harrah’s in North Kansas City. Over in St. Louis, you’ll find Lumière Place and River City Casino. The top Missouri casino, however, might just be Century Casino Cape Girardeau.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Missouri?

You must be at least 21 years of age to play casino games in Missouri.

When it comes to casino gaming in Missouri, which includes poker and other casino games, you have to meet or exceed the legal gambling age of 21-years-old.

Tax When Gambling in Missouri

You must include gambling winnings on your state and federal income returns.

The IRS sees your gambling winnings as taxable income, imposing a flat 24 percent tax rate on your reported wins. The state of Missouri also considers gambling wins as taxable income, with the rate varying per your income.

Here’s some additional help for some more Missouri gambling questions.

How will my gambling winnings be taxed in Missouri?

Your gambling winnings need to be included as income tax, which will then be taxed at a rate between 1.5 and five percent, based on your total taxable income.

When will Missouri legalize online casinos?

While there’s a long way to go, Missouri representatives are actively pushing for any online casino in Missouri to be legalized, as of early 2021.

Where can I play casino games in Missouri?

Missouri boasts 13 casino venues dotted around the state that are open to all over 21-years-olds.

Missouri Poker and Card Rooms

There are no online legal poker sites available in Missouri but many of the land-based casinos offer extensive poker play and poker rooms.  

Lottery Games in Missouri

The state lottery has been running since 1985 and is the most popular gambling options available in Missouri. A variety of tickets are on sale to entrants aged 18 or over at retailers across Missouri.  

Missouri DFS

DFS events were legalized and regulated in the state in 2016 with the Missouri Gaming Commission overseeing events run by the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings. The only DFS outlawed is that based on collegiate athletics.

Missouri Online Gambling FAQs

What is the legal gambling age in Missouri?

While gambling is restricted in Missouri, 18-year-olds are able to buy lottery tickets and participate in DFS events. The legal age for land-based and riverboat casinos is 21.  

Where in Missouri can I get help with problem gambling?

While gambling is enjoyable for many, it can become an issue for some people so if you, or a friend or family member, is struggling to cope then help is available. Missouri – National Council on Problem Gambling (ncpgambling.org).

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