Montana Online Gambling

Montana has not yet legalized online gambling, but betting on horse racing is possible. Horse racing betting is available online as well as at the race tracks. Find the best offers we have selected for you.

Can you gamble online in Montana?

Online casinonot legal
Sports bettingLegal
Horse racing online betting Legal
PokerLegal on tribal land

SPORTS betting is legal in Montana, both online and offline, but there are restrictions on who you bet with, where you can bet, and the amount you can wager. 

The online sports betting available in Montana is similar to that in Oregon – both sports betting apps were launched through the state lottery and there is only one app available to residents. Intralot, the state lottery vendor, launched the Sports Bet Montana app in 2020 and also supplies offline sports betting with a maximum limit of $250 for bets at a kiosk, and $1000 on the website.

The other limitation is where you can gamble with the Sports Bet Montana app, with betting from the comfort of your own home not available; you must be on site at one of the lottery’s retail sports betting outlets to place a bet on your phone. When sports betting legislation went live two years ago there were around 100 retail outlets in the state, with plans to increase that number to 2000.

Montana Online Betting

Online sports betting is legal but restricted to just one app/website, Sports Bet Montana. Limitations include the amount you can wager and where you can place your bets, but you can make deposits and withdrawals on your phone where you like. To place bets with Sports Bet Montana you must be at a retail sports betting outlet.   

Montana Horse Racing Betting

Only one horse racing track remains in the state, Great Falls Turf Club, offering live action and on-site betting. Montana Simulcast Racing runs six off-track betting parlours. Advance-deposit wagering is also offered by TwinSpires, AmWager, and TVG.   

Montana Casinos

Online casinos are outlawed but there are a number of land-based venues that offer slots, video versions of popular games like blackjack and craps, with several offering a number of live table games.  

Montana Online Casino Sites & Offers

Check out our clear-cut guide to the state of Montana online casino gaming, including where to play casino games and if you need to pay tax on winnings.

The state features many legal casino gaming options, but online casino games in Montana are illegal.

Montana is as open to land-based casino gaming as it is staunchly against online gambling. The state has given out casino gaming licenses like they’re M&Ms, creating a vast gambling sector that spreads across over 100 officially licensed venues and tribal casinos.

However, the Treasure State isn’t so prosperous for online operators, with it being one of the few states to enact direct anti-online gambling laws.

Here’s a more specific look at the state of Montana online casino gaming.

Online Casino Sites in Montana

You’re not allowed to play at any online casino in Montana.

While many states haven’t explicitly legalized online casinos, making them unregulated and illegal to use, all online casino in Montana has been directly made illegal by law.

In fact, all online gambling is illegal in Montana, from casino games to poker to sports betting, despite each of these activities being legalized on land. It seems unlikely that the state will change its stance on internet gambling soon.

Best Online Casino Games in Montana

You’re not allowed to play online casino games in Montana.

Forbidding you to access and use any online casino in Montana, it makes sense that you’re also not permitted to play online casino games in Montana.

All of the most popular online slot games and live table games aren’t available to you in Big Sky Country, but you can still play classic casino games at land-based casinos in Montana.

Best Online Casino Apps in Montana

You’re not allowed to play via an online app as no Montana online casino is not permitted.

Online casino apps have risen to prominence in online casino-friendly states across the US, offering convenient access to the best games that each website offers.

However, just as you can’t play at the best online casinos or on the best online casino games in Montana, you also can’t use the top casino apps. Montana considers mobile gambling to be a part of internet gambling.

Top Land-based Casinos in Montana

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to playing at casinos in Montana.

With tribal casinos offering Class II (bingo and keno) and Class III games (slots, blackjack, craps, roulette), as well as there being some 140 officially licensed venues, Montana is loaded with casinos.

Many of these licensed casinos are on the smaller side, but among the casino hotels in the state, Comfort Inn Gateway to Glacier and Hampton Inn Helena are the highest-rated.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Montana?

You need to be 18-years-old to gamble in Montana.

Regardless of if you want to sit down at a poker table, spin a one-armed bandit, or bet on some sports, you need to be at least 18-years-old to gamble in Montana.

Tax When Gambling in Montana

Your gambling winnings will be taxed on federal and state income returns.

Regardless of which state you win in, the IRS will apply a flat 24 percent tax rate to your gambling winnings as they’re considered taxable income. In Montana, the income tax rate varies per bracket.

Here’re some quick-fire answers to some of the most common questions about Montana gambling.

What rate will my gambling winnings be taxed at in Montana?

If you win money in Montana, you’ll need to include it as part of your taxable income, making it subject to the rate of your income tax bracket.

Can I sign-up for a mobile casino app in Montana?

Internet gambling is expressly forbidden in Montana, with casino apps being an extension of internet gambling.

Will Montana legalize online casinos?

As the state has enacted a law to ban internet gambling, legal online casinos seem unlikely.

Montana Poker and Card Rooms

Online poker is illegal and but tribal casinos offer video poker games as well as live dealer games.  

Lottery Games in Montana 

The state lottery has been running since 1987 with land-based facilities across Montana selling tickets. There are, however, no online facilities for purchasing tickets in Montana. 

Montana DFS

Despite offering online and offline sports betting the state is one of the few in the US that does not allow residents to participate in DFS games. 

Montana Online Gambling FAQs

What is the legal gambling age in Montana?

Online sports betting is legal but you can only use the Sports Bet Montana app/website and you must be on the site of one of the state’s retail sports betting outlets to place a bet. 

Where in Montana can I get help with problem gambling?

If you are worried about your own gambling, or how gambling is affecting a friend or relative, you can find details about where you can get help at Montana – National Council on Problem Gambling (

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