Nebraska Online Gambling

Nebraska has not yet legalized online gambling as neighbor Iowa, but betting on horse racing and Daily Fantasy Sports is possible. Horse racing betting is possible online as well as on the race tracks. Find the best offers we have selected for you.

Can you gamble online in Nebraska?

DESPITE legislation being passed last year to legalize sports betting in Nebraska, the process has been slow with the number of venues allowing in-person betting still limited to around half a dozen horse racing tracks. The other downside is that the law changes did not cover online wagering, which still remains illegal in the Cornhusker state, and there are no signs of an imminent change in mobile betting. 

Online casinoNot legal
Sports bettingLand-based legal
Horse racing online betting Legal
PokerLegal on tribal land

Legal gambling is limited to land-based casinos, most located on tribal land to the west of the state, offering a range of table games and slots, with horse race betting and a state lottery also legal.   

There are a host of offshore sportsbooks that accept customers from Nebraska, but these are operating outside of state law and US law. These sites offer no consumer protection with no guarantees that winning bets will be paid out.

Nebraska Online Sports Betting

Sports betting was legalized in 2021 but the land-based sites offering sportsbooks are limited, with the process of opening up gambling labored; online gambling is still outlawed.

Nebraska Horse Racing Betting

Very much a racing state, there are half a dozen race tracks in Nebraska offering live racing and on-site betting facilities, with sports betting also available. There is also the option of using advance-deposit wagering sites, with Nebraska folk allowed to bet with a number of operators using their phones or laptops. 

Nebraska Casinos

No state legislation has been implemented to allow for online casino play in Nebraska but there are a number of land-based venues that offer slots, roulette, and a variety of table games.  

Nebraska Online Casino Sites & Offers

Need to know if and where you can play casino games in Nebraska? Check out our comprehensive but clear-cut guide to Nebraska online and land-based gaming.

It is illegal to play at any online casino in Nebraska, but you can play casino games in Native American casinos.

If you’re in Nebraska and want to partake in the most popular forms of gambling, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to either find a Native American casino or venture into Iowa.

Four tribal casinos currently operate in the Cornhusker State, and some adult venues are allowed to run keno and Class II machines, but you cannot play at a state-licensed or an online casino in Nebraska.

Here’s what there is to know about Nebraska online casino gaming.

Online Casino Sites in Nebraska

It is illegal to use a Nebraska online casino right now.

With only tribal casinos to speak of, state-licensed casino gaming in Nebraska is all-but nonexistent. You can’t find commercial casinos, nor can you play at a Nebraska online casino.

Online casino websites are illegal at this time, but voters have approved referendums that would legalize games of chance. These legal changes may, in turn, introduce the legality of an online casino in Nebraska.

Online Casino Games in Nebraska

It is illegal to play online casino games in Nebraska right now.

You can enjoy several of the most popular classic casino games in Native American venues, but you’re not allowed to play the best online casino games in Nebraska.

Should moves to legalize games of chance come to fruition, you may be allowed to play the latest online slots, table games, and game shows. For now, internet-based casino games are illegal in Nebraska.

Best Online Casino Apps in Nebraska

It is illegal to play online casino games via apps in Nebraska.

Just as you can’t go to an online casino in Nebraska to play online casino games, you also can’t turn to your smartphone to play these titles via dedicated mobile casino apps.

While the experience of playing casino games via apps is different from a website session, the two are very much the same activity in the eyes of Nebraskan law.

Top Land-based Casinos in Nebraska

It is legal for you to visit tribal casinos in Nebraska.

Outside of the Class II gaming machines found at the tracks and bars, the only place that you can play casino games in Nebraska is by going to a Native American casino.

There are four tribal casinos in operation: Ohiya Casino in Niobrara; Lucky 77 Casino in Macy; Iron Horse Bar & Casino in Emerson; and Native Star Casino in Winnebago.

Want quick answers to common questions? See if these help your Nebraska gambling queries.

Where can I play casino games in Nebraska?

You can play casino games at tribal casinos in Niobrara, Macy, Emerson, and Winnebago.

Is an online casino in Nebraska going to be legalized soon?

A vote to legalize games of chance has got the wheels moving towards a Nebraska gambling scene, but if that will include remote gaming is unknown.

If Nebraska online casino sites are legalized, will casino apps be allowed?

While casino apps are often extensions of the websites, some lawmakers don’t permit mobile gaming.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Nebraska?

You need to be at least 21-years-old of age to play casino games in Nebraska.

The legal age for gambling in Nebraska varies greatly between activities, but should you want to enter a casino to play games or sit at a poker table, you’ll need to be at least 21-years-old.

Tax When Gambling in Nebraska

You need to report your gambling winnings on your federal and state income return.

Your winnings are considered to be forms of taxable income by both the IRS and Nebraska. While the IRS taxes at a flat rate of 24 percent, Nebraska’s rate ranges from 2.46 percent to 6.84 percent.

Nebraska Poker and Card Rooms

There have been no legal moves to make online poker lawful with the physical tribal casinos offering a variety of poker games to players from across the state of Nebraska.  

Lottery in Nebraska

There is a state lottery which is open to those aged 19 or over and, like many other lotteries in the US, there are no online sales with tickets for sale at retail outlets located across Nebraska.  

Nebraska DFS

DFS events have not been legislated for at Nebraskan state level but entries from the state are allowed in tournaments operated by the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel.

Nebraska Online Gambling FAQs

What is the legal gambling age in Nebraska?

Gambling in the state is regulated by the Nebraska Gaming Commission with age limits for horse race betting set at 18, for lottery tickets 19, and to play in the state’s casinos you must be 21 or over. 

Where in Nebraska can I get help with problem gambling?

If you think you have a problem with your gambling, or if a friend or relative is struggling to cope with their own gambling, help is available in Nebraska from a variety of sources. Nebraska – National Council on Problem Gambling (

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