South Carolina Online Gambling

South Carolina has not yet legalized most online gambling, but playing Daily Fantasy Sports is possible. Find the best offers we have selected for you.

Can you gamble online in South Carolina?

Online casinoNot legal
Sports bettingNot legal
Horse racing online betting Not legal
PokerOnly on land-based tribal lands

UNFORTUNATELY for the gamblers of the east coast, South Carolina is behind the curve when it comes to sports betting, with no legislation in place and none expected in the near future. At present, the only legal forms of gambling in the state are the lottery, bingo and raffles. 

The state is something of a backwater in gambling terms, with no casinos, no horse race betting, and the only option outside the lottery is to cross the border. Even then choice is limited, with no online sports betting permitted in either of its neighboring states, with just the two casinos in North Carolina offering retail sports betting.

For legal online gambling you’d have to cross two borders and head for Tennessee, but there are offshore sportsbooks advertising themselves open to US residents, including those in South Carolina, but they are not governed by US law. They offer no consumer protection meaning winning bets may not be paid out, and accounts may be shut down at anytime and any deposits lost.  

Betting in South Carolina

All forms of sports betting are illegal, and there have been no moves to even discuss potential legislation despite bills proposed in 2019, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

SC Horse Racing Betting

The state has no race tracks so there are no on-track betting options, and advance-deposit wagering operators like BetAmerica and TVG have been outlawed.

South Carolina Casinos

There are no laws in place to allow access to online casinos with the nearest land-based casino facilities located in North Carolina. Social casinos are an option where you can play most of the games offered at a casino, like roulette and blackjack, but they are free to play and you can’t win money.

South Carolina Poker and Card Rooms

Online poker is illegal and there are no venues offering legal poker games in the state. 

Lottery in South Carolina

The state’s only source of gambling income comes from the lottery, which was established in 2002. Tickets are only sold at licensed lottery retailers and you have to be 18 years old to make a purchase.

South Carolina DFS

While there have been no official moves to outlaw daily fantasy sports games, they operate in a legally gray area, but events operated by the likes of FanDuel, Yahoo Fantasy and DraftKings are open to South Carolina residents.

South Carolina Online Casino Sites & Offers

The lack of internet gambling laws means that you can’t choose a South Carolina online casino just now. There is no legal framework in place that allows gambling operators to run one of those sites in this state.

There is no way of knowing if there will be a licensed online casino in South Carolina in the future. But a look at the other states where online gambling laws are in place lets us get a reasonable idea of what might happen if the same legislation is ever passed here. Those states have given licenses to the industry’s most popular brands.

Online Sites

There is no indication yet of which sites could be the first to offer a South Carolina online casino. However, we can see that other American states have allowed only the top names in the business to operate in their territories.

Assuming that the online casinos in South Carolina follow the same approach, you can expect to find highly professional and well-run sites that let you get started playing if they are allowed to operate.

Based on the most recent regulatory developments and the betting market in the nearby states (VA, WV etc.) several large players are expected to line up with FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars Casino and DraftKings being the obvious bets as the first movers. 

South Carolina Casino Apps Expected 

  • FanFuel Casino
  • BetMGM Casino
  • Caesars Casino
  • DraftKings Casino

The selection of online casino games in South Carolina is also likely to be similar to what we can see in other parts of the US with online gambling laws. Slots like Irish Magic, Cash Machine, and Dancing Drums are among the most widely played.

Classic table games tend to be well-represented too, with poker and blackjack a couple of the favorites. Expect casino games in South Carolina to include roulette, craps, and lots more.

Online Apps

The mobile approach gives a more flexible way of playing these games. Many of the top casinos have their own mobile app that you can download at no cost to any type of smartphone or tablet. It is likely that South Carolina online casinos would offer this easy, flexible way of connecting to their sites too, although you would also be able to log in through a mobile browser if preferred.

Top Land-based Casinos in South Carolina

This state doesn’t have any land casinos. In fact, the most popular option for gambling for real money is to cross over into a state where this activity is legal. If you want to stay in South Carolina and gamble, then the Big M casino cruise is the only way of doing so.

This company has two ships that head out from Myrtle Beach for a cruise where slot machines and table games are available. 

If South Carolina online casinos are made legal in the future, they will almost certainly offer bonuses to make them more attractive. These are deals that let new players get something extra when they sign up. It is a big part of the industry and helps players get started.

A no deposit bonus gives you a strong start by letting you play before you add your own funds. You might also get a deposit boost from an online casino in South Carolina, multiplying your first deposit by a set percentage. Free spins are also useful bonuses you might like. 

When will online casinos become available in SC?

It isn’t known whether the law will ever be changed to allow any online casino in South Carolina to operate.

Are social casinos available in SC?

The gambling laws prohibit social gaming with dummy stakes as well as real-money betting in casino games in South Carolina.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in SC?

With extremely limited gambling options, South Carolina restricts lottery playing to people over 18. The casino ships are for anyone over 21. As for online casino in South Carolina, we will need to wait and see what sort of age limit is proposed in the future.

Tax When Gambling in SC?

If you win the South Carolina state lottery, 24% will be taken off for federal taxes. This is increased for foreigners and people who are unable to provide a social security number. A further 7% is deducted for South Carolina state taxes.

SC Online Gambling FAQs

Is Online Gambling Legal in SC?

Sports betting is illegal in South Carolina with the lottery, bingo games and raffles the only legal forms of gambling. Casino cruise ships operates out of the state, with gambling permitted when the vessel is three miles into international waters.

Where in SC can I get help with problem gambling?

Gambling can be enjoyable, but for some it can be problematic. If you’re finding gambling to be a struggle, help is available. South Carolina – National Council on Problem Gambling (  

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