Idaho Sportsbooks

Find out whether sports betting in Idaho is legal. Learn what wagering in Idaho is allowed by state law. Discover if Idaho online betting is regulated.

In Idaho, sports betting is illegal online and at land-based casinos, but horse racing betting is allowed.

There is no regulation of Idaho online betting, so it is not currently legal for you to place sports wagers. This also means it is illegal to gamble in this way at land-based casinos. With no sportsbooks licensed and operating in the Gem State, you are left with horse racing wagers on track through parimutuel betting services. Any winnings you make from gambling in casinos like the Sage Hill Casino in Blackfoot, from the lottery, or on the horses are subject to taxes.

Idaho Sports Betting Legislation

Idaho has long resisted legalizing online sports betting. The state finds itself increasingly isolated in a country where over 30 states have some form of legalized betting.

There are explicit amendments to the state legislature (specifically Title 18 Chapter 38) that state gambling is illegal. The blanket ban on gambling covers casino games.

So, which online sportsbooks could go live if Idaho legalizes betting? DraftKings and FanDuel had to pull their Daily Fantasy Sports products out of Idaho back in 2016 after the operators were deemed to be in violation of state gaming laws. Neither provider has since returned but they both offer successfully-run sportsbooks in other states.

BetMGM, meanwhile, has perhaps the widest reach of all US sportsbooks. A BetMGM sports betting site or racebook is available in over 23 states in 2023, including neighboring Wyoming.

Betting Sites in Idaho

Without legalized sports betting in Idaho, there are no dedicated websites for gambling in the Gem State right now. This may change in the future, however. State authorities need to issues licenses to operators in order for them to provide legal online sportsbooks in Idaho. Top sportsbooks will want to have a hand in Idaho online betting if the state does move to legalize general sports wagers. 

Best Apps in Idaho

Unfortunately, Idaho betting choices do not include mobile apps for sports wagers. With no state regulation of that marketplace, you are left with horse racing. There is a mobile betting app that you can download for iOS and Android devices.

TVG allows you to place parimutuel wagers on horse racing from all across America anywhere you can get an internet connection. As time goes by, Idaho online betting may extend to sports betting apps.

Top Land-Based Sportsbooks in Idaho

Due to a lack of legislation for land-based sportsbooks from Idaho state authorities, there aren’t any of these that you can visit. What The Gem State does have is around 15 casinos. Perhaps, in the future, when Idaho has regulations and laws in place, sportsbooks will open inside locales such as the Coeur d’Alene Casino in Worley and the Bannock Peak Casino at Pocatello.

Professional Teams in Idaho

If you’re wagering in Idaho, then you’ll know that there aren’t any major league pro sports teams here. The Gem State is a hotspot for skiing. There are NCAA collegiate and university-based teams and two Pioneer League baseball franchises in the Boise Hawks and Idaho Falls Chukars.

Idaho Betting FAQs

Can You Bet on Sports in Idaho?

No, sports betting in Idaho is generally not permitted, with the exception of horse racing. However, other forms of gambling are allowed within the state Gem State.

Is Gambling Prohibited in Idaho?

The legality of gambling in Idaho depends on the specific type of gambling. While sports betting is illegal in the state, on-track horse racing and land-based casino gambling are entirely legal activities.

The state government of Idaho has yet to enact any laws regulating sports betting, whether at land-based casinos or through online sportsbook platforms.

In Idaho, the legal betting age is 18 in all land-based casinos with the exception of one. The Clearwater Casino will only allow people who are a minimum of 21 years old inside. If online betting in Idaho on sports gets legalized, then this should be 18.

Taxation on Betting Winnings in Idaho

There is currently no clear information available regarding the taxation of betting winnings in Idaho. According to federal law, any profits from gambling activities must be reported as part of your income for tax purposes, with a tax rate of 4.95%.