Montana Betting Sites

Read here for our complete guide for all the information you need to know about online betting in Montana, including sports and horse racing wagering.

Online sports betting is legal in Montana. The Treasure State followed in the footsteps of other regions in the USA by legalizing sports betting. However, online betting on sports does come with the caveat that it is regulated by the state lottery.

Bettors can only use the one regulated sportsbook that is controlled by the state lottery. The same rule applies for daily fantasy sites, which means that leading operators are not active in the region. Horse racing betting is allowed. However, online casinos and poker games are banned, although tribal-based venues are permitted within the Treasure State.

How does online sports betting work in Montana?

Yes, you can participate in online sports betting in Montana through Sports Bet Montana; however, you must be physically present at a Sports Bet Montana location. Therefore, you are unable to physically place sports bets using your personal computer or mobile phone. You can complete all steps except for the final action of placing the wager, so to speak.

Where can I place sports bets in Montana?

Montana boasts numerous establishments that have applied for and received licenses to provide sports betting services. You can visit the Montana Lottery website to access a comprehensive list of these locations. However, here is a breakdown of the number of sports betting locations in Montana’s major population centers:

  • Anaconda — 13 locations
  • Belgrade — 11 locations
  • Billings — A whopping 77 different locations
  • Bozeman — 21 locations
  • Butte — 32 locations
  • Great Falls — 38 locations
  • Helena — 32 locations
  • Kalispell — 17 locations
  • Missoula — 40 locations

Please keep in mind that this list represents just a selection of the most significant clusters of sports betting venues. Many towns across Montana offer multiple options, and even some smaller towns have at least one location where you can participate in sports betting.

Best Apps in Montana

Betting apps are available for wagering in Montana. However, residents are restricted in their choices.

  • Sports Bet Montana – Run by the state lottery and Intralot. They provide markets and odds for all major sports leagues. Their app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • TVG – They are one of the leading providers in horse racing betting and their app offers extensive race odds. It’s also available for iOS and Android users.

Top Land-based Sportsbooks in Montana

The Treasure States does not have physical sportsbooks for bettors to wager on sports. There are a number of betting kiosks available for Montana online betting around the region.

In these locations, bettors can use the app or the websites to wager on sporting events and horse racing as well as play daily fantasy games. Due to the relaxation of laws regarding sports betting in Montana, physical sportsbooks may appear in the future.

Professional Teams in Montana

Montana does not have any professional sports teams. However, there is a strong college presence in the Treasure State. They are represented in the NCAA by the Montana Grizzlies and the Montana State Bobcats at a high level across all sports, most notably football.


Can you place a sports bet in Montana?

Yes. It is legal to place a sports bet in the Treasure State. However, when wagering in Montana you must be within specific regulated locations.

You must be at least 18-years-old to place a sports bet or to wager on horse racing in the Treasure State.

Are daily fantasy games available in Montana?

Yes. Daily fantasy games are part of Montana betting, although the leading operators are not permitted to operate within the region. DFS operators are running through the state lottery.

Tax When Betting in Montana?

When wagering in Montana you will be required to pay 8.5% of tax of your winnings as required by the legislature in the Treasure State. This must be reported in your income tax. Winnings on the lottery over $5,000 are subject to 25% federal tax and 6.9% in state tax.