Nebraska Betting Sites

We provide a complete breakdown of the information you need regarding online betting in Nebraska, including horse racing betting and daily fantasy sites.

Online betting is not permitted in Nebraska. Regulations have eased elsewhere in the United States, but the Cornhusker State has not followed suit. Nebraska online betting is restricted to parimutuel wagers on horse racing and daily fantasy sites.

The latter falls into a gray area within the state as lawmakers are unsure whether to classify daily fantasy sports as a game of skill or chance. There have been no attempts to legalize DFS, but operators are active in the region, therefore, wagering in Nebraska is possible.

Betting Sites in Nebraska

For online betting in Nebraska, residents do not have an overwhelming amount of choice considering sports betting is not permitted in the region. The best available sites provide horse racing betting as that is an area that is allowed.

  • AmWager – Provides comprehensive coverage of horse racing, offering good value and a diverse range of markets to choose from.
  • Twinspires – A reliable and comprehensive resource on what you need to know before placing a bet.

Best Apps in Nebraska

The best apps available for Nebraska betting choices come from daily fantasy sites, although they’re not regulated in the region.

  • FanDuel – Provides quality products for their customers, offering games on all the major US leagues. Excellent app interface, which is available on both iOS and Android.
  • DraftKings– One of the leading operators in DFS, offers customers good bonuses and coverage of all major leagues for their game. Available on iOS and Android.

Top Land-based Sportsbooks in Nebraska

Betting in Nebraska is not only restricted online, as physical sportsbooks are not permitted to operate in the region. There have been discussions by lawmakers in the Cornhusker State to ease regulations regarding sportsbooks and in-person betting.

For now, only horse racing betting is allowed in the state at racetracks across the region along with off-site betting parlors. Until regulations are eased, they remain the only form of in-person Nebraska betting choices permitted.

Professional Teams in Nebraska

Nebraska does not have a professional sports team. However, they are represented at a high level in the NCAA by Nebraska Cornhuskers, notably in football along with other leading sports. The Creighton Bluejays and Omaha Mavericks are also present in Division I in baseball, basketball, and soccer.

Nebraska Betting FAQs

Can you place a sports bet online in Nebraska?

No. Nebraska online betting is restricted to only horse racing betting and daily fantasy sites. Wagering on the leading sports such as football and basketball is prohibited.

Participants for wagering in Nebraska must be at least 18-years-old if they wish to place a bet on horse racing and charity games. The same rule applies to registrations for daily fantasy games. Tribal-based casinos require bettors to be 21-years-old when entering their venues.

Are betting bonuses available in Nebraska?

Yes. Nebraska betting choices include bonuses provided by operators that can legally function in the region, including deposit and sign-up offers.

Tax When Betting in Nebraska?

When betting online in Nebraska on horse racing or participating in the lottery, you will have to pay 2% on your winnings up to $5,000 as part of your income tax. Winnings over $5,000 are liable up to 24% in federal tax.