Wisconsin Betting Sites & Offers

Online betting in Wisconsin is currently illegal in most forms, but there are still some betting alternatives available to residents of the Badger State.

Wisconsin Online betting

Most forms of online betting in Wisconsin are illegal.

The approach to Wisconsin online betting is not an encouraging one for residents hoping to bet in the near or even long-term future. In fact, there are even anti-gambling laws that have been written into Wisconsin’s state constitution. Indeed, the winds of change seen in other states are yet to blow in Wisconsin.

With this being the case, it does seem as if the introduction of online betting in Wisconsin is anything but around the corner. Fortunately, residents are legally permitted to bet on fantasy sports and horse racing. 

Betting Sites in Wisconsin

Choices when wagering in Wisconsin may be slim, but there is still room for legal wagering on horse racing, and residents of the Badger State can access a few legal betting sites. The main sites are: 

  • FanDuel – Residents hoping to bet on fantasy sports can do so legally on this site.
  • DraftKings – This is one of the leading betting sites in Wisconsin and around the whole of America when it comes to fantasy sports.
  • Twinspires – Another great site that offers expert analysis on horse racing, including handicapping analysis and free picks.

Wisconsin is surrounded by states that have allowed betting so it is a question of time when the regulation will be in place. Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa are options for Out-of-state betting until Wisconsin legalizes online betting. When regulation is in place BetMGM, Caesars and DraftKings are among the first online sportsbooks expected to go live in the state.

Wisconsin Online Sportsbook Sites/Apps Expected in 2023:

  • BetMGM
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • DraftKings 
  • PointsBet
  • FanDuel

Best Apps in Wisconsin

Residents can choose between a number of fantasy sports and horse racing apps within Wisconsin online betting. Among the best, Wisconsinites can choose from: 

  • DraftKings – This app is one of the most used apps in Wisconsin for fantasy sports. 
  • FanDuel – An app with large offerings on the best fantasy sports betting markets. 
  • BetAmerica – This is the go-to app for betting on horse racing and offers a great user experience.

Top Land-based Sportsbooks in Wisconsin

There are no active land-based sportsbooks in Wisconsin.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that there are no current land-based sportsbooks operating within Wisconsin given the state’s reluctance to legalize sports betting. With that being the case, the door is open for what could be a seamless transition given that there are 19 tribal casinos in Wisconsin. If the current legislation does change, you can imagine swift and sweeping reform.

The legal gambling age in Wisconsin is 18.

Residents of the Badger State who are 18 and over can gamble legally on horse racing, fantasy sports, and lotteries, but those looking to enter tribal casinos will have to be over the age of 21. 

Tax When Betting in Wisconsin?

Wisconsinites must pay tax on any gambling winnings.

The amount will differ from person to person, but residents are legally obliged to include any gambling winnings in their income tax statements. 

Betting Bonuses in Wisconsin

There are many betting bonuses available to Wisconsin residents. 

Naturally, these bonuses are centered around fantasy sports and horse racing given that they are the only online betting alternatives for Wisconsinites. 

Top Three Offers in Wisconsin

All of these offers are sign-up bonuses that vary in size but ensure that once you begin wagering in Wisconsin, you will have a sizable bonus to start you off.

  • DraftKings – Offers access to a welcome bonus is available of up to XX.
  • FanDuel – When you make your first deposit, you get a bonus of up to XX when you make your first deposit. 
  • Twinspires – To start new customers off, they offer a free-bet up to XX.

Professional Teams in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a sports-mad state with the Green Bay Packers garnering huge support in the region.

Along with representation in the NFL, Wisconsin also has an NBA team in the Milwaukee Bucks who play in the Eastern Conference Central Division. 


What does the future of online betting in Wisconsin look like?

It’s impossible to say for sure but as things stand, the state is opposed to legalizing online betting in Wisconsin. 

Does Wisconsin have a state lottery?

Yes, Wisconsin betting choices include a state lottery which is run by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. 

Does Wisconsin have any horse racing tracks?

Due to a lack of interest, Wisconsin’s last horse racing track shut down in 2009. There are no current plans afoot to open any new sites.